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The Advanced Chiropractic Approach of The Pettibon System

Pettibon Chiropractic CareChiropractic care primarily focuses on the treatment of ailments related to the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system without the usage of drugs. Unlike the old days of chiropractic when only adjustments and other basic techniques were used to treat spinal health issues, patients are now subjected to various rehabilitative and therapeutic exercise programs.

In the recent times, the Pettibon System is being practiced widely by many chiropractors. In short, the Pettibon System is earning a strong reputation as one of the best approaches for optimal chiropractic care and outstanding patient outcomes.

An Introduction

The Pettibon System consists of a variety rehabilitative programs and treatment modalities for both hard and soft tissues surrounding the spine. The corrections demand the involvement of the entire spine (from head and neck to pelvis) as opposed to just one vertebra or segment.

The re-alignment of the spine is the main idea of the Pettibon System, supporting optimal functioning in its upright position relative to gravity. This is achieved using the concept of Pettibon Weighting System, coupled with isometric exercises and other forms of chiropractic care.

Many chiropractors who have been practicing the Pettibon System approach are finding great success with patients. For example, Dr. Mik Hamilton has been practicing this approach for many years. He has helped individuals spanning from older adults to athletes regain their mobility and spinal mechanics. In building this reputation for successful patient outcomes in Berkeley, Dr. Hamilton is now one of the top chiropractors in the Bay Area.

Pettibon Weighting System

This system consists of specially designed weights to wear in the head, shoulder, hip. The weight values depend on the extremity of the spinal displacement that has to be corrected. The patients are required to wear the weights daily for about 20 minutes until the spine is fully corrected from its displacement.

The weights will cause changes in the center of mass of the head, thoracic cage, and the pelvis. This causes the spine to send correct sensory input to the nervous system. In order to balance the body weight, the organizing energy of the nervous system will cause the spinal muscles involved to relax and other spinal muscles to contract. This will result in the correction and the repositioning of the spine relative to the gravity.

In addition to correcting the spine displacement, the weights also make the muscles undergo isometric exercises. This will restore the balance, strength and endurance of the muscles. All of this is supported by the direction and planning by a certified and experienced Pettibon System chiropractor.

Isometric Exercises

Restore Spinal HealthThe musculoskeletal system consists of muscle bundles and each muscle bundle consists of two types of muscle fibers. They are fast-twitch phasic muscle fiber and the slow-twitch postural muscle fiber. The normal exercises which are done in the gym will strengthen only the phasic fibers.

The postural muscle fiber is not improved so it has no impact on the posture. Also, the phasic fibers collapse when they are subjected to injury. But the postural muscles spasm. The spasm is not even, it is either front-to-back or side-to-side. Hence, the poor posture will affect our appearance as the spine is no longer in its normal position.

The right solution for correcting the problem associated with the postural muscle is the isometric exercises. These exercises involve a push or a pull against a force which moves slowly or stay still. The postural muscle spasm are eliminated by practicing these exercises.

Applications of The Pettibon System

The various approaches and treatment protocols of the Pettibon System are capable of treating many different ailments of the body relating to the muscular, skeletal, and nervous system. Certain muscles are strengthened to help support new shifts and mechanics of the spine. They are helpful in correcting posture and providing sustainable balance to the body.

Additionally, the Pettibon approach also helps to correct positions of the cervical arc. The spine can be made strong and supple by reversing decompression of discs which ultimately result in subluxation. The exercise programs also aid in oxygenating the blood helping patients avoid potential diseases.


Most of the chiropractic programs do not focus on the balance in the musculature to support the spine and the skeleton system. The Pettibon System does overcome this shortcoming. It is considered as the best alternative approach for the chiropractic care.


5 Exercises for Greater Hip Mobility & Range of Motion

Hip Monbility ExercisesThe hips play an essential role in movement; propelling the body to walk forward, climb, kneel and even squat, the hips are an essential element of most sporting activities.

One’s ability to muster the strength and flexibility of their hips can often make the difference between success and failure in sports.

However, the daily efforts of life tend to inhibit the functionality of the hips. This is an even more prominent issue among athletes, the tightness of whose hips can cause stiffness over time, complicating the process of holding certain positions. This signals the need to practice specific hip mobility exercises for greater range of motion.

5 Powerful Hip Mobility Exercises

The key to maintaining hip mobility and flexibility is consistent practice of hip mobility exercises and proper training. To attain the required results, one is encouraged to approach these exercises in moderation, starting with a gentle level of intensity and progressing as required with the passing of time, some of those most effective hip mobility exercises including the following:

The Goblet Squat

Goblet SquatYou will need a kettle bell for this exercise. Lift your chest while keeping the kettle bell close to your body. Your feet should be hip distance apart. Sink to the lowest possible point where you can hold a squat, moving slowly and steadily.

Keeping the weight on your heels, the elbows pressed to your knees (in order to drive them out), settle in this position for about thirty seconds before setting the kettle bell down and standing. Shake some life into your legs before repeating the exercise a few more times.


First, lie on your side, with your legs and ankles together, and knees slightly bent. With outstretched arms cushioning your head, open and close your knees like a clam. Your feet must remain together throughout this exercise. And endeavor to move as slowly as possible in order to work all the right muscles. A resistance band might prove essential for this exercise.

Single Leg Deadlift

This exercise, though effective, is pretty easy to execute. First, find some dumbbells and hold one in each hand. With arms straight, lower the dumbbells to the floor while raising your trail leg back.

Endeavor to keep your back rigid even while keeping the knee of the supporting leg bent. Allow the dumbbells to touch the floor before returning to your initial position. Five sets of this exercise executed on each leg should do.

TRX Lunge

You will need TRX suspension training to perform this exercise. Configure the TRX system in a manner that allows the handles to hang down to your calves. Hang your right foot in the straps (in such a way that the shoelaces are pointed to the floor), and then step forward (or out) with the left.

Use this left leg to squat, with your shin remaining vertical. Ensure to maintain a tight core. Stand up and repeat the action another 8 or so times. You could also hold dumbbells in your hands to add resistance.

Psoas Gut SmashPsoas Gut Smash

Lie Prone on the floor, position a lacrosse ball two inches to the right of your belly button, using your forearms for support. Using small movements, roll the ball down to your femur. The purpose of this exercise is to decrease hip extensions even while accelerating hip flexion. It is particularly effective for runners.


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