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How to Review Vegan Protein Powders the Right Way

There's good reason why vegan protein powder has become a popular topic in the world of nutrition, athletics, and overall general health. Eating vegan, or plant-based, has been shown to offer a number of benefits for one’s health. From lowering the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease to optimizing athletic recovery and performance, all walks of life stand to gain from eating less animal-based foods and consuming more plants. vegan plant based protein powders reviews

The topic vegan protein powders, however, has been a pivotal cornerstone to the plant-based push. This is primarily due to the countless celebrity athletes who have publically made it known that they’re now eating a vegan diet. The protein powder aspect stems from the recovery component, which is one of the primary reasons why so many are embracing the plant-powered way.

So if you’re like many of the vegan individuals (or vegan curious) who are interested in vegan protein powder products and reading vegan protein powder reviews, then this post is for you. In this article, I discuss a few specific considerations that you’ll want to keep in mind when reviewing plant-based protein powder products.

Check the Sources of Plant-based Protein

First and foremost, when reviewing vegan protein powders, be sure to look at the plant sources of protein. These sources will often dictate the quality of the vegan protein powder, in addition to the price of the product.

For instance, some of the best vegan protein powders have sources deriving from hemp, pea, brown rice, and other seeds and legumes of all sorts. Some products have unique blends containing artichoke protein, chia seed protein, pumpkin seed protein, and so on. Hemp is one of the most powerful sources of plant-based protein because it contains one of the most rich amino acid profiles (more about amino acids below.) Conversely, soy protein does not have as rich of an amino acid profile and is much cheaper and lesser quality than other plant-based sources (primarily from an athletic recovery standpoint.)

Lastly, review the vegan protein sources to see if they are labeled as isolates or concentrates. In short, protein concentrates are better than isolates. Most plant-based protein isolates have undergone some degree of processing, which can strip the protein of its nutritional co-factors. That’s not say protein isolates are bad. Rather, protein concentrates are more pure, as they’re in their more natural state.

Know What Makes a Vegan Protein Powder “Complete”

Perhaps one of the most important variables for athletes (i.e. endurance athletes and weight lifters) is ensuring the vegan protein powder is complete. Complete proteins are defined by their amino acid profile. Complete proteins contain nine essential amino acids. These include:

  • Tryptophan
  • Threonine
  • Isoleucine
  • Leucine
  • Lysine
  • Methionine+Cystine
  • Phenylalanine+Tyrosine
  • Valine
  • Histidine

Unfortunately, only some vegan protein powder products will actually list the amino acid profile on the label. The products that do this are often high-performance products that are geared for athletes. Examples include Vega protein powders, PlantFusion protein powders, and MRM protein powders, to name just a few. These are some of my personally-favorite brands as they taste great and offer a complete protein for optimal athletic recovery. Read my Vega Sport Performance protein powder review to see what makes this product one of the best plant-based protein supplements for athletes.

Vegan Protein Powders with BCAAs

Branched chain amino acids (or “BCAAs”) are three specific types of amino acids that are absolutely essential for building lean muscle mass and improving recovery after any form of physical exertion. The amino acids that make-up BCAAs are Isoleucine, Leucine, and Valine. Together, these amino acids optimize muscle repair. This is particularly important when seeking vegan protein powders for bodybuilding.

If you’re trying to build muscle or improve performance from sports (as well as mitigate the effects of muscle soreness,) supplementing with vegan protein powders with BCAAs is vital. The latter mentioned brands (Vega, MRM, and Plant-Fusion), all offer plant-based protein powders with BCAAs. These are among the top vegan protein powders for atheletic recovery.

Vegan protein powders with BCAAs are often a bit more expensive than other plant-based products without them. So if you’re not too concerned about athletic performance and building muscle mass, then you don’t have to worry too much about it. You can also supplement with BCAAs in capsule form if don’t have a protein powder with that includes them in the blend.


Top 3 Body Contouring & Skin Care Procedures for 2017

As we seek better ways of caring for our health, body, and beauty, medical technology and procedures keep advancing and with new advancements. Such treatments have progressed to the point where every major metropolitan city has laser skin care centers and body contouring solutions.

Atlanta SmartLipo Liposuction

Now, individuals can take advantage of efficient and effective treatments that can help them remove unwanted hair and fat from their bodies. In this article we will look at three body contouring and skin care procedures that will continue to get more attention and huge demand in 2017.

1. Laser Hair Removal

It comes as no surprise that laser for hair removal is one of the leading cosmetic treatments in the world today. With the passage of time, laser technology has gone through significant changes. The treatment is safe and has virtually no side effects.

You need not worry about the pain because the procedure is very subtle and provides minimal discomfort. Laser hair removal is 100% non-invasive, and you can even take this treatment in your office break time as there is no downtime involved.

Unlike other hair removal treatments, it is simple, takes less time to perform, and delivers long-lasting results. The best aspect of laser hair removal, which allures people, is the side benefit of the laser.

Today, we have brilliant laser hair removal devices that not only remove our hair, but also resurface, make white, and tighten the skin. In short, there are many new benefits of laser hair removal treatment using more advanced technologies.

2. Smartlipo

SmartLipo laser is a revolutionary concept of fat reduction a ground-breaking technique designed to remove excess fatty tissue in hard to lose areas such as double chins, love handles and upper arms which are resistant to loss even by dieting and exercise.

The SmartLipo laser lypolysis provokes the breaking up of the fat cell membranes melting them into a liquid substance so as to then be absorbed and eliminated by the body's natural process via the lymphatic system.

SmartLipo laser lypolysis has turned into the most sought after procedure of 2016. The demand for Smarlipo has propelled for some time now, when the SmartLipo MPX laser system was introduced in different places as the evolutionary new SmartLipo MPX. It has become the number one aesthetic surgical procedure, within a very short period. The new generation Machine of SmartLipo MPX has made this treatment an upward trend that will carry on.

SmartLipo liposuction is worth a try considering that it both eliminates fat for good, and promotes skin tightening. In this beauty conscious era, you too could benefit from an attractive, tighter and firmer figure.

3. Cellulaze

Cellulaze is a ground-breaking method of laser cellulite removal. It defeats other treatments for the cottage cheese problem because it deals with the root structural issues responsible for its development. It works effectively on the three target structural problems in the following ways:

  • The fat tissues and visible bumps are leveled
  • The dimples are treated by setting free the fibrous bands that exert themselves on the skin
  • It encourages collagen development to enhance skin depth and flexibility for a smoother appearance

Getting in touch with a reliable and reputable plastic surgeon or laser skin care center with qualified doctors is of paramount importance in ensuring the safety and success of the Cellulaze cellulite treatment procedure.

Ultimately your health, aesthetic and psychological requirements are of paramount importance and securing the services of experienced surgeons, and hospitable staff will help you feel comfortable and safe through the Cellulaze cellulite laser treatment procedure and even after the surgery during the post-operative care.

For more information about laser hair removal, SmartLipo, and Cellulaze, check out Women's Institute for Health in Atlanta ( where they offer all of these advanced treatments, and more.

6115 Peachtree Dunwoody Road #200
Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: 404-832-0300


Avoid Unwanted Dentist Office Visits via Good Diet & Dental Health

You may have heard that you are what you eat. That’s because your diet affects your overall health. But diet also affects the health of your teeth and gums - they’re all related. Choosing the right foods is a vital component of good hygiene and optimal oral health.

Alexandria Dentist for Oral Health

By following a good diet, along with oral health, you can avoid unwanted trips to the local dentist office. In fact, reputable dentist in Alexandria Minnesota emphasizes the importance of remaining “focused on the traditional values,” stressing the importance of diet, clean eating, and regular oral health care as key cornerstones to a healthy mouth.

The Elements of a Good Diet

Dentist Gainesville GAEating well offers benefits to your body in general. The quality of your diet affects your energy levels, helps your body operate at peak efficiency, and prevents health issues down the line. You need a balanced and diverse mixture of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

Lean sources of protein should also be included. You should cut back on foods with large amounts of fat, salt, and sugar, and drink lots of water. Tap water, which is often fluoridated, is ideal. Limit between-meal snacks. A diet high in nutrition is essential to our continued good health. But this is something most of us already know.

How Bad Eating Affects Dental Health

You’ve heard it before - sugar is bad for your teeth. This is because the bacteria in your mouth that becomes plaque feeds on sugar to give it energy. This causes the bacteria to grow and stick to your teeth enamel. Common sources of sugar are desserts, candy, cookies, pastries, and soft drinks, but any food with sugars of any kind can contribute to the problems.

In addition to that, a lack of the proper nutrients makes it harder for mouth tissues to resist infection. This can contribute to gum disease and speeds its development. Also, because more saliva to wash away acids is created when you eat a full meal, snacking can be harmful.

Good And Bad Foods for Your Mouth

While nutritious foods are usually good, some of these foods can have a bad effect on tooth enamel if eaten alone. For dental health, avoid dried fruits that stick to teeth, and acidic fruits such as citrus. Empty-calorie foods and sweets like muffins, cakes, and chips should be avoided because they contain a type of sugar that can adhere to teeth.

On the other hand, foods high in phosphorus and calcium, which protect and rebuild enamel, can help your teeth. These include cheese, milk, plain yogurt, leafy greens, nuts, meats, poultry, and fish. Fruits and vegetables high in fiber and water can balance the sugars and stimulate saliva production. If they contain vitamin C, they can also help promote healthy gums and quick healing. If they have vitamin A, they can also help rebuild tooth enamel.

The health of your teeth and gums is tied to your overall health. In fact, one can be a symptom of the other. Diet plays a huge role in tooth decay, which is the most common chronic disease in children and pediatric dentistry. Because they’re so tied to one another, you can vastly improve your dental health by making simple changes in the way you eat.


What Makes Surgery Minimally-Invasive?

Many surgeons are embracing various forms of minimally-invasive surgery. In short, minimally-invasive surgery is defined by a form of surgical procedure that can be performed exclusively through one single entry point – meaning using only a small incision. minimally-invasive surgery is also known as single site laparoscopy based on this defintion.minimally-invasive spine surgery

“Laparoscopic surgery” is type of specific minimal-invasive surgery, which is used when trying to minimize pain that a patient experiences during a surgery. Some surgeons often use the term minimally-invasive surgery to refer to it in general.

Minimally-invasive surgery uses a thin, lighted tube when putting through a small cut or incision in the belly during the surgery. In the medical world today, surgeons use to find problems like cysts, adhesions, infection and fibroids. Tissue samples must be taken for a biopsy through a tube (laparoscope). Advanced robotic systems always give doctors a greater control as well as vision during surgery, thus allowing them to do less invasive, safe, and even precise surgical procedures.

Common Applications of Minimally-Invasive Surgery

What are the diseases you can treat with minimally-invasive surgery? Below are some of the most common diseases and conditions in which minimally-invasive surgery is known to thrive:

  • Gynecologic – Gynecologic cancers (ovarian or cervical cancer), Endometriosis, heavy uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and uterine prolapse.
  • Heart – atrial septal defect, Mitral valve prolapse & repair, atrial fibrillation.
  • Urological conditions – kidney disorders (such as kidney stones and kidney blockage), Bladder cancer, kidney removal, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and vaginal prolapse.

Common Types of Minimally-Invasive Surgery

What are some of the most common types of minimally-invasive surgery?

1. Robotic Surgery minimally-invasive robotic spine surgery

During robotic-assisted surgery, a surgeon will operate from a given console equipped using two master controllers, which maneuver the four robotic arms. Through viewing a HD 3-D image on given console, the surgeon will see the surgical procedures better when doing an operation. Computer software will takes the actual place of hand movements that are precise. Many patients prefer it today since it safer than other common procedures.

The minimally-invasive robotic surgery benefits are:

  • Small incisions
  • Quick recovery time
  • Less scarring
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Low risk of an infection
  • Short hospital stay

See this short video that features spine surgery with mazor robotics renaissanceone, of the most emerging and cutting edge surgical procedures using robotics. You can learn more about this procedure by visiting the official website of spine surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner.

2. Minimally-Invasive Lumbar Discectomy

minimally-invasive lumbar discectomy surgeryMinimally-invasive lumbar discectomy, or endoscopic surgery, is a minimally-invasive procedures, which utilizes an endoscope as to reach these internal organs via a very small incisions. In endoscopic surgery, a surgeon will insert a thin and flexible tube through a video camera via small incision via the mouth or even nostrils. The tube will use tiny surgical instruments that the surgeon uses when viewing the organs from a computer monitor.

The endoscopic surgical procedures benefits are:

  • Small incisions or no incision
  • Less pain
  • Low infection risks
  • Short hospital stay
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Quick recovery time
  • Less scarring

In this video, spine surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner discusses the surgical procedure behind minimally-invasive lumbar discectomy.

3. Minimally-Invasive Spinal Surgery

Minimal invasive spinal surgery is a kind of procedure used when treating conditions that relates to the thoracic, cervical, or lumbar regions of spine without making any form of incision. When administered well, they are always safe. This technique always allows these surgeons to view inside the body of patient and operate by a smaller incision.

In conclusion, the above is an overview of minimally-invasive surgery that you should know before choosing one.


Why You Still Get a Sunburn While Wearing Sunscreen

Ever wonder why you still get sunburn despite regular application of sunscreen?

Most people lather on sunscreen and head outside, and still end up with burns. However, most of them don’t know that many sunscreen products don’t work as well as they think.

According to recent research by the American Academy of Dermatology, 80% of sunscreens don’t work as advertised, putting many people at risk of skin cancer. The research further states that only 14% of men and 30% of women regularly use sunscreen as a mode of protecting themselves against the sun. 

Are Some Sunscreens All They're Cracked Up to Be?

A review of more than 1700 sunscreen products further fuels the speculation on the effectiveness of sunscreens, especially during summer. The reviews discovered that more than 3/4 of sunscreens on the market offer inferior sunlight protection that could leave skin unprotected against dangerous sun rays. That is why we still hear of several cases of sunburns despite the how many types and brands of sunscreen you see.

Are Sunscreen Ingredients Doing More Harm Than Good?

Another study by an environmental group reveals that a large number of sunscreen products are made with harmful ingredients like Oxybenzone and Retinyl palmitate. Scientists claim that oxybenzone can penetrate the skin hence causing a hormonal imbalance and severe burns on the skin. The American Academy of Dermatology has stated, though, that there is no direct evidence that oxybenzone causes hormonal issues or significant health problems.

Retinyl palminate is a form of Vitamin A, believed by some to support the growth of malignant tumors, however the American Academy of Dermatology also refutes this claim, stating that no study shows an increased risk of skin cancer in humans.

Selecting the Right Sunscreen for You

So, how do you choose the best sport sunscreen to protect yourself against sunburns?

  1. The first thing is to get a sunscreen with an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 30 or more. This is enough to protect yourself from the harmful rays of then sun, especially the UV-B rays.
  2. If you're in and out of the water, you'll also want to select a water resistant sunscreen that doesn't wash off easily so that its protective barrier doesn't wash away.
  3. You may also want to limit your time in the sun. Be sure to choose a sunscreen appropriate for your activity and how long you plan on being in the sun.

5 Credible Plastic Surgeon SEO Companies Proven to Deliver

As the demand for the plastic surgery increases, surgeons are starting to embrace plastic surgeon SEO solutions to further promote their practice. Some SEO companies are dedicated to offering the internet marketing and SEO services to plastic surgeons to help promote their practice in the search engines. Here are the top five plastic surgeon SEO companies that have been proven to deliver.plastic surgeon seo

1. Optimized Surgeons

Optimized Surgeons is recognized as the best SEO company for plastic surgeons. The company is known for its specialization in offering SEO marketing to the plastic surgery professionals. The online reputation of the company has been impressive over the years, which is why it is a top choice for many surgeons. Optimized Surgeons is also known to offer the clients with personalized SEO services, which are designed according to their needs.

One of the things that make Optimized Surgeons a top choice is the Blog page that it has on the website. This page contains vital information that helps the plastic surgeons manage their practice with professionalism. You can connect with the support staff on all the popular social media platforms.

plastic surgeon seo companies

2. No Risk SEO

No Risk SEO is another SEO company that offers dependable SEO marketing options to the plastic surgeons. The company helps surgeons develop authoritative websites, offer social media branding, and internet marketing.

They have a toll-free telephone line that is dedicated for the customer support if you have any issues with their services. There is also a section that features the Latest Articles that are based on the plastic surgery Internet marketing.

3. BranDignity

BranDignity is a reputable companies when it comes to SEO for plastic surgeons that is renowned for its dependable internet marketing services. One unique feature about BranDignity is that it offers the clients free digital marketing eBook on plastic surgery. This way, you will enhance your online dominance and have more clients.

They also offer their services in different packages, depending on what you expect to achieve from your SEO marketing. The cheapest package goes at $999 per month. You can also link up with the support staff on all the popular social media platforms.

4. NKPMedical

NPKMedical is a dedicated SEO company that also targets the plastic surgeons. The company helps plastic surgeons have more dominance online by offering them different services. NKPMedical offers web design, surgeon SEO marketing, along with other internet marketing strategies.

It also has clients from recognized organizations like American Society of Plastic Surgeon, The Rhinoplasty Society, among others. You can connect with them on the social media, so it is easier to engage with the support staff.

5. Youth Noise

Youth Noise is an internet marketing company that was established by two young entrepreneurs. The company also offers SEO marketing to the plastic surgeons. Some of the services provided by the company also include ROI, monthly reports on your online performance, among others. Regardless of the surgeon’s marketing needs, Youth Noise helps to cater to them with elegance and professionalism.

Plastic surgery has been on the rise in the recent times. Patients are seeking different types of plastic surgeries including facelifts, breast augmentation, nose surgery, among others. Since the demand for the plastic surgery is increasing, surgeons are trying to apply strategies to promote their practice further.

These are the most dependable plastic surgeon SEO companies that can help the surgeons better their online dominance. They offer flexible packages that will suit each surgeon, according to the needs of their patients and clinics.



How Laser Therapy Aids Pain Management & Accelerates Recovery

There is no doubt that lasers have been changed the history of medical treatment. Firstly found by Albert Einstein, they represented a completely new method of approach to patients. We can classify lasers by their strength and by the power of penetration through the skin. You can find different options here, starting from low level laser therapy to class IV laser therapy, which is the most powerful.

The innovative K-Laser is a relatively new solution that represents this form of class IV laser therapy and it is considered to be the most effective and the most penetrative of all. It is one of the first lasers of this level that has been used in countries around the world.

Laser Therapy for Health & Wellness

Doctors, chiropractors, and medical practitioners are still discovering all benefits of the K-Laser, but few things are certain. This treatment has powerful effects in laser therapy and medical results are astonishing. People experience fast recovery and reducing of pain in very short period of time, which proves the ability of laser therapy. The way that K-Laser works is simple, yet very helpful.

How Class IV Laser Therapy Works

Class IV laser therapy produces over 500 milliwatts of power and these are infrared lasers. For comparison, weaker lasers have lower penetration of up to one or two millimeters into the skin and they have red laser light. Infrared lasers get into the skin much deeper and specifically the K-Laser can reach few centimeters, which makes this technology the most powerful in the world of laser therapy.

Especially interesting fact is the way that K-Laser therapy affects the human body. Changes are made on micro level inside the skin and natural processes are stimulated. This type of lasers affects three body functions like reducing pain, reducing inflammation and provoking healing of tissues. Pain relief can be reached fast by using this therapy.

The Benefits of Laser Therapy

It is especially effective in chronic pain and when all other methods have been used. The level of pain can be significantly reduced and this is why many patients go for this laser therapy. Other benefits like lowering inflammation and swelling are also positive effects that many specialists emphasize. The most important aspect of laser pain therapy is the tissue healing, which can be made by using K-Laser. It stimulates micro circulation of the blood cells in the affected area. This way, the natural healing process is accelerated and a recovery is much faster.

K-Laser has one more advantage when comparing to other, weaker lasers. It can stimulate oxygenation in tissues. All mitochondria need oxygen in some amount in order to function properly. That is where lasers get into action. Molecules provide more oxygen and the affected area gets more supplies in a moment.

All these functions of K-Laser set this method of curing to a high place in modern medicine. It helps people feel less pain and, most of all, it provides fast results. The K-laser is the most potent laser on the market today and its popularity is growing rapidly. You can heal wounds, reach muscles and bones with this laser and get faster regeneration of tissues. Benefits of laser therapy are numerous and people are lucky to experience them nowadays.


Snyder Village Introduces In-Home Care to Peoria Area Seniors

Snyder Village has introduced a new in-home care to seniors and older adults of Peoria Area. They have been one of the places to consider when looking for both memory care and in-home care services in Peoria, IL. Those who have visited them have been satisfied with the quality of services that will work best for you even as you do acquire your options well. You will definitely be certain that the services that you would have from Peoria Area will be excellent. Here is a review of Snyder Village's new in-home care services in Peoria home care peoria il

As one of the most well-known assisted living facilities in the Peoria Area, Snyder Village has trained the staff to know how to treat the residents whenever they are acquiring these alternatives. When you do choose them, you will definitely be certain that you would have the options that will best work for you especially when acquiring these available options. When you do need them, you will understand the kind of deals you would need during your choices.

The cost of in-home care to Peoria Area seniors offered by the Snyder Village home care has been affordable when compared to other alternatives that you will get during your choice on whether you need to choose them or not. You will save money when you choose Snyder Village when compared to others options that has introduced In-Home Care to the same Peoria Area seniors. This has made them to prefer the options since they know that they will provide you available deals during the process.

Professional In-Home Care Services in Peoria, IL

The quality of services especially when offering in-home care to the Peoria Area Seniors has been excellent for those who need these options. As opposed to the past, the residents will now have an opportunity to make a choice from a wide range of options that will best fits your needs. The senior citizens will have an opportunity to make sure that they do offer the residents all the kind of home-based care they need from this Home Care.

They are pleased to provide home care to all the residents of Woodford, Peoria, Marshall, and Tazewell counties to enhance at the same time prolong independent living. As one of the most comprehensive assisted living facilities in the Peoria Area, Snyder Village also offers non-medical home-maker services, which are both affordable and dependable. This has made people to prefer them since they know that they will offer these excellent care for them thus making it to be excellent when compared to these options right within the given city for the senior citizens.

Compassionate, Long-Term Assisted Living Programs

Snyder Village home care has also been providing a long-term assistance that has daily living activities or even short term assistance when you use it after a hospital stay or a surgery. They will offer you a 24 hour care that will make you appreciate them. Their staff are dedicated care-givers when offering services. They are screened, trained, insured, professional and reliable.

Contact Snyder Village home care whenever you do need more information especially when acquiring the best care from them. You will be satisfied by the quality of home care services in Peoria.


Spine Surgery: 5 Safe & Effective Forms of Spinal Surgery

In most cases, individuals seek spine surgery to minimize pain and maximize mobility associated with the region between the neck and the sacrum (particularly the low back.) Highly-sought by older adults and athletes alike, many individuals seek the professional guidance and services of a spine surgeon.

Most individuals dealing with debilitating back pain or spinal malfunctions educate themselves about their ailments and their options to correct such issues. To help, below we highlight five safe and effective forms of spinal surgery for you to consider if you're dealing with side-lining pain or mobility issues in the spine.New Jersey Spine Surgeon Dr. Rovner

1. Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion

Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is a form of spine surgery that is recommended after failure of non-surgical methods to relieve pain on the neck and arms as a result of the spinal nerves being under pressure.

During the spinal surgery, the herniated disc is removed partially or wholly to prevent risk of damage to the spinal nerves and cord. Thereafter a bone graft is inserted between the vertebrae in place of the disc. This is to prevent the vertebrae from rubbing onto each other and collapsing.

The bone graft and vertebrae are fixed in place with screws and metal plates and overtime will join together to form a solid piece of bone. Recovery with this type of spine surgery is usually 4-6 weeks. However, the relief from the pain areas occurs soon after being discharged.

2. Cervical Disc Replacement

Cervical disc replacement is a form a spinal surgery that is only done after failure of non-surgical methods. An incision is done at the front of the neck to replace damaged and protruding discs with artificial discs. This is as result of the damaged discs irritating the spinal nerves that are supported by roots in the spinal cord. The damaged discs lead to pain and numbness in the neck and arms.

After replacement of the disc, a bone graft is inserted to ensure the bones fuse after sometime. The patient can go home that day, then recovery and relief will start almost immediately. This method is not recommended on children.

3. Minimally Invasive Lumbar Discectomy

A patient needing minimally invasive lumbar discectomy may be having symptoms including pain in the lower back, muscle weakness in the lower extremities and numbness.

The aim of this type of spinal surgery is to treat the herniated disc in the lower region of the back as a result of irritation of spinal nerves which have roots near the spinal cord, which is near the disc.

An incision is done in the lower back to avoid damaging the muscles and also to ensure quick recovery. Below is short video by Dr. Joshua Rovner that goes into greater detail about this particular spine surgery procedure. Dr. Joshua Rovner is one of the most reputable spine surgeons in New Jersey who provides all of the spine surgery procedures mentioned in this post.

During this spinal surgery procedure, muscles are then removed temporarily from the bone and part of the bone is then removed in order to reach the disc. Either part or the whole herniated disc is removed to relieve pressure and pain on the lower back. The patient can go home immediately after the surgery and recovery process may take a few weeks.

4. Lumbar Spinal Fusion

spine surgeryLumbar spinal fusion applicable where non-surgical means do not apply. The purpose of this form of spine surgery is to stabilize the lumbar spine more. Symptoms include: Pain in hips, lower back and spinal stenosis.

Lumbar spinal fusion surgery is done through a vertical incision in the lower back region but over the spine. During the spine surgery procedure, the muscle is temporarily removed from the bone in order to reach the vertebrae, lumbar discectomy is done to remove part of the vertebrae so as to reach the damaged disc. This is done either partially or wholly. A bone graft is inserted between the vertebrae for support and stability. The patient goes home after few days. The recovery period is between 4-6 weeks although full recovery takes few more months.

5. Revision Spine Surgery

Revision spine surgery is done due to: Post-surgical complications, previous wrong diagnosis and infection in the surgical area. The main purpose is to reduce pain. It is more complex as it deals with scar and bone tissues.

In conclusion, since spine surgery is recommended only after non-surgical methods have failed, the need for a well-trained orthopaedic or neurosurgeon is vital. This is to avoid the revision of spine surgery because of reasons such as misdiagnosis. To learn more about these types of spine surgery, or to connect with a professional and highly experienced orthopaedic spine surgeon, contact Dr. Joshua Rovner, a reputable spine surgeon in New Jersey.

Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics
440 Curry Avenue, Suite A
Englewood, NJ 07631

You can also check out New Jersey spine surgeon, Dr. Rovner, on Google+ and Facebook to see some of his reviews.


Online Triathlon Coaching: 3 Tips to Find The Right Tri Coach

If you're interested in online triathlon coaching as a means to help you progress in the sport and prepare for your next A-race, it's important to be very mindful with respect to who you hire as your tri coach. Online Triathlon Coaches

Communication, experience, and level of interaction are just a few considerations when searching for online triathlon coaches who are right for you. In addition to these considerations, you ultimately need to pinpoint an individual who you feel comfortable with and who you trust in building your triathlon training plan.

To help guide you in your search for online triathlon coaching resources, below are three tips to steer you in the right direction.

Engagement & Responsiveness

There's a broad spectrum of triathlon coaches out there who operate online. Some provide very intimate coaching services with one-on-one Skyping, personalized training and nutrition planning, and high levels of engagement. Parallel to this premium quality caliber of coaching, some online tri coaches provide quick responses to their athletes' needs and questions.

Conversely, there are many online-based triathlon coaches who are less hands-on when it comes to communication and responsiveness. While cost often reflects this important consideration when seeking a coach, it's up to you to learn as much as you can about prospective triathlon coaches to find an individual who can cater to your needs throughout your training.

Create a List of Interview Questions

Before reaching out to prospective triathlon coaches, write-out a list of questions that cover the important aspects you're interested in or needing in a coach. Don't go overboard, as some high-level tri coaches don't have the time to nurture new athlete leads (as some elite coaches can pick and choose who they want to work with.) Rather, formulate 5 or so key questions that you want to cover before making an triathon coaching

Here are a few example questions that you might want to consider adding to your list.

  • How responsive is the coach? Or what is the average response time?
  • What metrics does the coach use to get a baseline for athletes? Or rather, where does the coach begin in building training plans for athletes?
  • (Follow-up) What historical data or baseline testing does the coach want from athletes?
  • Does the online triathlon coach provide help with nutrition and fueling?
  • What mode of communication (Skype, email, phone?) and training documentation (TrainingPeaks?) does the coach prefer to use?

This list will serve as a vital tool in helping you seek out the best online triathlon coach who is right for you. The next step is seeking out prospective online triathlon coaches who fit your bill.

Inquire With Several Prospective Coaches

The first step to reaching-out to online triathlon coaches is to know what you're looking for. If you're doing an Ironman, you'll want narrow your search to Ironman triathlon coaches, whether that be through Google search or using online resources like Ironman's new CoachMatch network.

Also, ask around in your area for reference to both local and online triathlon coaching. In larger cities, there are often triathlon clubs, or clubs specific to swimming, biking, and running.

If you're doing a sprint triathlon, the level of training will be far less (depending on how competitive you plan to be during your race.) So you may find that your primary objective is to invest in a good training plan and get some guidance from time to time.

Inquire with 3-5 (or more) online tri coaches and shop around. You're putting a great deal of time and money into your training, so you'll want to find a triathlon coach who you're confident in.


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