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The Power of Juice Fasting

Today, Americans consume a much higher amount of food compared to several hundred years ago. In addition to the ease of access, much of the “food” consumed in Westernized cultures is artificial and extensively manufactured.

The result of this shift in diet (from whole, natural foods to more man-made, chemically induced foods) is source-disputed disease and widespread obesity. The prevalence of these major concerns alone is enough to promote and practice more nutritious dieting behaviors. 

Juice fasting is a healthy discipline that is often overlooked, and unbeknownst, in Western cultures. Unlike traditional water fasting, juice fasting allows the body to absorb a high amount of nutrients without the risks of malnutrition. This offers a safe and healthy method for short and longer-term fasting, which promotes optimal health in many ways.

Healing Benefits of Juice Fasting

So what does juice fasting do to our bodies that makes the practice so powerful?

In essence, any form of fasting “gives the stomach a rest” from having to break-down the foods we eat. With respect to our volume consumption society, that reason alone is enough to give juice fasting a 24-hour trial. However, there is more to juice fasting than a time-out for one of our most vital organs.

The stomach requires a fair amount of blood to break-down the solid foods we eat. Hence the explanation of why we get tired after we eat a large meal – blood flows away from our brains and into our stomachs. During a fast, the lack of blood needed for the stomach to its job is a significant reserve. The availability of more blood brings more life and healing power to other parts of the body. This leads to deeper restoration and healing to certain ailments.

Juice Fasting for Weight Loss

Juice fasting for weight loss is one of the healthiest forms of calorie restriction. In addition to consuming less and more nutritious calories, when the stomach is on reserve, food cravings and the temptation for sweets is much more controllable.

As the stomach expands and contracts meal after meal, our minds are triggered to know when it is time to eat and when we are full. During the contraction phase, or when or stomach begins to reduce in size hours after eating, we feel a growing sense of hunger. However during a juice fast, the stomach remains at a semi-consistent size. This makes the onset of hunger less extreme. In addition, this also helps to reduce the intense cravings we may experience several hours after not eating (which can often lead to over eating.)

So Why Not Juice Fast?

When you take a look back to our Paleolithic ancestors, they would go days, sometimes weeks without eating. Only for the past few hundred years have humans become accustomed to eating regular meals throughout the day. And even more so today, humans are eating foods that are unrecognizable to our “still Paleo bodies.”

Juice fasting is a healthy way to rejuvenate and restore ourselves. Not only as a common method for physical detoxification and healing, juice fasting can help us appreciate and respect what we put into our bodies.

A Few Juice Fasting Tips:

  • Start and end you juice fast with a raw food diet a few days prior and after the fast.
  • Don’t chew gum, for this sends signals to the stomach to start working – thus defeating the purpose of the fast.
  • Drink a variety of juices. If vegetable juices are undesirable, try overpowering the flavors with something sweeter (e.g. pineapple juice helps to override the flavor of broccoli juice.)
  • While juice fasting, go about your day in the same manner you normally would.
  • Take in the moment. Juice fasting is an uplifting experience that helps you get more in-touch with your body and mind.

Juicing Fasting: Tips & Benefits

Juicing fasting is one of the best things you can do for your body. Whether for weight loss, detoxification, healing, or spiritual reasons, the advantageous of juice fasting can help both physically and mentally.

Biological Benefits

The biological benefits behind juicing fasting are simple. When the stomach is not forced to breakdown solid foods, it doesn't have to work as hard. As a result, the large amount of blood the usually flows to our stomachs when we eat can remain in other vital parts of the body.

This reserve of blood can go deeper into areas of the body that need it most. This also explains why when people fast, they have a feeling of being "high" or a experience a tingling sensation. That is the feeling of blood making its way further into the body.

In addition, juicing is one the best ways to extract all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. When foods are consumed in their purest form, such as juice, the body can absorb almost all of the nutrients available.

On the other hand, when fruits and vegetables are consumed in solid form, only about 70% of all nutrients can be absorbed, depending on how well the person chews and the efficacy of his or her digestive track.

Mental Benefits

Taking a look back to our Paleo ancestors, they went days, sometimes weeks without eating. Since that time, our bodies have not evolved all that much.

For many individuals and cultures, taking a break from solid foods is a perfectly natural practice. Modern society has shaped us to think that we need at least 3 meals a day to stay healthy and well. And yet modern society has never been more polluted.

Fasting from food can rejuvenate one's perspective on healthy eating and offer a new appreciation for food. Juice fasting is safe way to restore one's mindset and better control one's habits. It can extend beyond our diets and offer great sense of self-awareness that can extend into many aspects of our lives.

Tips For Juice Fasting

If you are thinking about a juice fast, there are few things you will want to keep in mind. Below we offer the basics to beginning your juice fast:

  • Juice fasting is more than just a temporary change in diet. Think of fasting as a journey to a better you for the long-term.
  • Before juice fasting, eat a primarily raw food diet 5-7 days before. Focus on high fiber foods that will help clean your digestive track.
  • While fasting, consume a wide variety of juices to maximize the nutritional value of your food. Try to include leafy greens, or other vegetables that you wouldn't normally think of.
  • Mask the earthy flavors of vegetable-based juices with sweet fruit juices for better taste (e.g. Cover up Kale with Pineapple, Broccoli with Lemon.)
  • Do not chew gum or suck on candy while fasting. Jaw movement alone can stimulate blood flow to the stomach, which is counterproductive.
  • Breaking your fast is probably the most important part of the process. Just like before fasting, eat raw foods in very small, snack-like doses. Chew your food well and only eat until you feel full, which shouldn't be much.
  • Transition into regular eating slowly. It is recommended to stay on the raw food diet for few days before jumping back into cooked foods.

We hope you appreciate this information and will explore the power of juice fasting for yourself. Thanks for visiting the Health n' Wellness Blog!


How to Shape Your Beach Body, Fast

Shape Your Beach Body via Weight Loss & Dieting The last few years have seen a worrying trend in overweight and obesity prevalence. In the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that over 35% of the adult population is overweight with BMI (Body Mass Index) ranging between 25 and 29.9.

These numbers are replicated throughout the world. As a result, the drive to attain a slim body has become a craze to avoid the dangers associated with excess weight including heart attacks. Perhaps more so, individuals are motivated to find their perfect body to avoid the embarrassment of looking overweight.

Although shedding calories may not be as easy as gaining them, there are various ways to shape your beach body, fast. Below we outline a few tips to keep in mind for effective weight loss.


What You Eat

The mention of dieting for many people means skiving food and trying to lose weight overnight. This is a misconception and dieting in fact means taking the right foods in the right quantities.

50-55% of your diet should contain carbohydrates combined with a good measure of proteins (25-30%) to help build up your muscles and enhance the recovery of any torn tissues. Sugars and fats should be reduced in your diet because they end up as the main contributors to excess fat. Fibers are also essential to help in digestion and clean the body of unprocessed foods.

How You Eat

One of the worst culprits in your efforts to get a perfectly toned body is poor eating habits. Taking large meals at once is detrimental and instead, spread the meals to about 5-6 times a day. In addition, eat only when hungry and not just as routine and while at it avoid snacks in between meals.

Food behavior also calls for intelligence and decisions such as taking fruit juice instead of a fruit itself need to be made rationally. Fruit juice will contain extra additives such as sugar thus adding to your weight problems. Over time, train your body to become accustomed to fruits and vegetables instead of fast foods.

One great practice to help you realize greater awareness in you body and overall consumption habits is fasting. More than just a fad, juice fasting has proven to be a great way to lose weight and better sense thyself. As the stomach shrinks during a fast, our bodies a much more aware of the feeling of being full. This awareness can be sustained for long-term eating habits.


Water is essential in our body and helps in lubrication and digestive purposes. Water not only helps to tone your skin but reduces ageing while also flushing toxins, which could be affecting digestion and your general body wellbeing. Instead of taking sugary fizzy drinks such as soda when thirsty, train yourself to take water.

The body requires copious amounts of water and you should start the day with water. When hungry, try drinking some water. Your hunger might be mistaken for thirst, which is zero calorie solution.

There are many other tips on how to shape your beach body fast, which can complement these. For example, habits such as smoking and alcohol intake should be ceased forthwith. There is of course the importance of getting proper exercise. However, one must know that exercise is only 30% of the equation when looking to loose weight. When you put your mind to it, losing weight is not rocket science at all.



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