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Why Watching TV is Unhealthy (in More Ways Than One)

Health and TVTelevision sets are common household appliances in many homes. However, most users are unaware of the magnitude of negative health implications of TV.

Research information shows that people spend an average of 28 hours watching their favorite programs every week. On the contrary, many people do not discover associated health effects until it is late.

Watching TV can lead to physical and mental ailments (primarily due to inactivity and lack of engagement,) social isolation, and emotional swings. Watching TV can lead to either one or a group of these negative impacts. Let us discuss how each is associated to watching television.

TV Inhibits Physical Activity & Socialization

It is a globally accepted fact that physical activity has health benefits to people. Physical activities must not be entirely vigorous to give us health benefits. For instance, walking or jogging for an appreciable period can lead to good health.

Nevertheless, watching television especially for long hours separates people from physical activity. Such habits deny people from participating in common acts like walking around the room. If we collectively agree that physical activity boosts our health, then the lack of if equally deteriorates it. In addition, people do not have time develop their social life.

People will value TV programs more than socializing and making friends. For instance, people have favorite programs that they would never miss to watch. They develop addiction for such programs just like the case of hard drugs. They would not care about their neighbors' wellbeing for one second.

Children have a higher risk of developing ill health because of watching television. Research pinpoints watching TV as one of the causes of obesity in children. Therefore, parents and guardians should discourage family members from watching television without engaging into any physical activity.

TV's Effects on the Brain

There's no doubt that TV sales retailers have made a big push toward more interaction TV systems, such 3D TV's and HDTV. However, this level of engagement may not be in the best interest of the populations overall heatlh.

Scientists have found that watching television can be associated with depression. When speaking of depression, people should think a human mind. The brain functions based on its right and left sides. The left side controls logical thinking while the right side is responsible for our emotions.

Watching TV leads to much usage of the emotional side of the brain more than the left side. As a result, a person becomes more passive, gets easily distracted, and looks very bored. In addition, prolonged exposure to television programs that are full of violent scenes can lead to violence tendencies in man.

This is more pronounced in children since they learn from what they watch. Children will eventually develop violent behavior based on what they watch on TV. Furthermore, both adults and children risk low intelligence quotients because of an inactive left side of the brain. Children will develop learning disabilities or Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) while adults develop depression.

TV's Effects on Emotional Disorders

Watching TV has led many people to develop inferiority complex tendencies too. This is especially prevalent after watching supermodels that have zero bodies; sports people that own big houses and earn large salaries, some adverts that openly criticize your eating habit in favor another.

The result is that people suffer from low self-confidence, develop disorders like anorexia and bulimia. Such people may end up committing suicide just because the media makes them feel unaccepted by society.


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