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Five Easy Steps To Better Heart Health

Maintaining cardiovascular health is essential for a long and full life. There are five simple ways to ensure that the heart functions perfectly. It includes getting adequate exercise, eating a well-balanced diet, avoidance of bad habits, taking dietary supplements and allotting time for relaxation.

Exercise Regularly

Getting enough cardiovascular exercise tops the list for maintaining great cardio health. Experts recommend doing thirty minutes of cardio exercise, three times a week. Anything less than that and you're not getting enough. Cardiac diseases can develop early in people with sedentary work and lifestyles, so take every opportunity to get up and move.

Choose the Right Foods

A well-balanced diet is a must for good heart health. Fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and other low fat, high fiber options. Go easy on the grease and salt, and only consumer fatty foods rich in good fats, such as Omega-3’s, which help promote cardiac health.

Get Rid of Bad Habits

This is easier said than done but to e,nsure good cardio health, getting rid of alcohol and smoking habits is necessary. From prescription medications to hypnosis, there are many ways to quit smoking if you need help. Alcohol in excessive amounts is harmful to the heart. Moderate drinking is acceptable but if you exceed two drinks per day, you'll need to cut back.

Take Supplements

Dietary supplements support cardiovascular health by filling up the gaps on your diet. The vitamins and minerals that are contained in a multi-vitamin preparation keeps heart muscles healthy and should be included as part of your daily regimen.


Stress affects everyone but to enhance cardiac health, you have to learn how to cope with it well. One way to counteract stress is through exercise. But be sure to follow it up with some down time to make your body recuperate. Learn to relax your mind as well as your body to keep your heart working at its best. You can achieve excellent cardiovascular health with these five simple tips. Following these, you'll not only get a strong heart, you'll look and feel good in the process.


What is Telemedicine?

In Africa, small villages would utilized smoke signals to warn neighboring tribes to keep their distance when they were plagued with dangerous virus or disease. In some situations, instructions for treatment were sent to them through these signals. The concept of telemedicine was established in a similar manner.

Today, telemedicine is the treatment of diseases and ailments by use of interactive audio and visual sources. In other words, it is a practice of sending medical related processed data through the Internet or video message distribution technology.

Advantages of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is not a new concept, however it has developed remarkably due to the development of technology. It is one of the best solutions to receive treatment at relatively low cost, especially when doctors are not accessible. It helps sustain the greater health and wellness of individuals by using computers, mobile phones, televisions and monitors.

Telemedicine offers extraordinary convenience for individuals in need of remote medical attention. A patient may visit a healthcare website to make an appointment; here cameras are used to see the doctors virtually. In this manner, people are able to get the best solution of your medical problem by world renowned doctors at lesser expense. By not having to visit a doctor personally, plenty of time and money can be saved.

There are many forms of telemedicine that are practiced medical professionals. Learn more about each below.

Store and Forward 

In Store and Forward Telemedicine, medical information is collected about a patient, and then sent to certain doctors. Here both the doctors and the patient do not require meeting, but scanned copy of patient’s medical record is attached. This enables the doctor to review the case without having to be present with the patient.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is the most practical type of telemedicine. In this method, a doctor has monitoring device, typically mobile, that is remotely connected to the patient’s computer. This type is most effective in treatment of chronic diseases and some particular heart related problems. It can provide many advantages over traditional treatment, such as lower cost and time savings. Here doctors can monitor and issue modifications as needed to ensure the patient is progressing.

Interactive Telemedicine

The third and more widely use of telemedicine is called interactive telemedicine. This type provides real time contact between doctor and patient. Latest technological innovations like mobile devices, Internet, and satellite video conferencing are utilized in this method.

Furthermore, this is enhanced by the latest innovations. Patients have the facility to ask different questions related to their problems for better treatment. This is also one of the reasons for its success as live interaction facility is available.

Telemedicine is also helpful for health education. For instance, in such areas where there are no facilities for diabetes is available, this method can provide a great guidance in this regard. Telemedicine is transforming how we hold and conduct doctor-patient relations, and will continue to progress with the advancements in technology.


The Health Benefits of Wine

For years, many health and wellness experts have touted the health benefits of drinking moderate amounts of wine. But now, it is no mystery that drinking red wine can increase good cholesterol levels due to its healthy combination of alcohol and antioxidants.

But this is just one of the benefits of moderate red wine consumption. All types of alcohol contain good cholesterol, or HDL, but only red wine contains high concentrations of the antioxidant "resveratrol."

Although white wine has some resveratrol, red wine has more because the skin of the wine grape remains intact for a greater period of time. This in turn creates a higher level of resveratrol in wine.

Red wine is the only alcoholic beverage containing such high concentrations of this valuable antioxidant. Resveratrol has become so popular that it can be purchased in supplement form specifically for its health benefits. It has been shown in animal studies to help prevent blood clots as well as minimizing the risk of developing plaque build-up in arteries.

This is extremely important for overall heart health and can even help to hinder the growth of cancer. Resveratrol has also been shown to be a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory agent as well. It may also help to slow down the aging process.

You should remember that this does not mean you should be quick to start pounding down the red wine on a daily basis. Alcohol is not for everyone, and can make certain health conditions worse, such as breast cancer in certain women, or migraine headaches. Wine can also be bad for those with diabetes, as it contains triglycerides.

While drinking red wine can help with certain aspects of your overall health, there are always side affects with any medication option, whether it's over-the-counter or natural. If you are thinking of starting a regimen of a nightly glass of red wine, and have any questions, be sure to contact your doctor before beginning.


Top Superfoods for Optimal Health

Superfoods for Optimal HealthSuperfoods are small category of foods that promote optimal health. Not enough people include superfoods in their daily diet. As a result, those individuals may encounter issues of weak immunity or nutrient deficiency.

So to enlighten you on the various types of superfoods, along with some of the health benefits of each, we describe six of the top superfoods for optimal health.

Blueberries – Great Antioxidants

Blueberries contain both phytoflavinoids and antioxidants, which help promote stronger immunity. They also comprise of vitamin C and calcium, hence nutritionists and doctors like them. They are not only anti-inflammatory, but can also reduce cancer and heart disease risks.

Omega 3 – Better Memory, Joints & Heart

Studies show that omega 3 found in fish reduces risks of heart diseases, helps arthritis and may also help to address Alzheimer’s and loss of memory. There is also evidence that it lowers depression levels.

It is commonly found in cold-water and fatty fish. You should go for wild rather than farmed salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel. You should purpose to have two or three servings each week. You can find other types of omega 3 in flax seed, fortified eggs and walnuts. The superfoods contain monounsaturated fats that can reduce cholesterol levels.

Fiber – Levels Cholesterol & Promotes Weight Loss

A diet full of fiber will assist you to have the right cholesterol levels as well as the required blood sugar amounts. In addition, fiber provides a higher satiety value, thus, it is a perfect tool in managing weight. It is mainly found in beans, fruits, whole grains and vegetables. You can include some beans within your salad or use dried ones. You may also utilize canned ones though they contain large amounts sodium.

Tea – Inhibits Cancer & Controls Hunger

The general antioxidant power contained in black tea is similar to that of green tea. However, green tea contains ECGC, an effective antioxidant that many people have not realized. The most recent Japanese study shows that men who took green tea on a regular basis had lower cholesterol levels compared to those who did not. Research in both the UK and Spain has shown that ECGC can hinder cancer cells from growing. If you want greater health benefits, use tea instead of the sugary sodas

Calcium - Strengthens Bones

You should be aware that calcium helps in prevention of osteoporosis and in building strong bones. You can get this element in supplements or dairy products. There are studies that reveal another benefit of calcium; helping with weight loss. It is recommended that people aged between 9 and 18 years use 1300 mg, those between 19 and 50 years to take 1000 mg and those with 51 or more years to utilize 1200 mg of Calcium.

Dark Chocolate – Level Blood Pressure & is Delicious

Latest research shows that dark chocolate contains antioxidants that help to reduce blood pressure. It is recommended you for the chocolate that has at least 60 percent cocoa content, and the darker it is, the better. Moreover, darker chocolate has a lower sugar and fat content.

What are some of your favorite superfoods? How do you like to prepare them? Let us know in the comments section below!


What Makes Surgery Minimally-Invasive?

Many surgeons are embracing various forms of minimally-invasive surgery. In short, minimally-invasive surgery is defined by a form of surgical procedure that can be performed exclusively through one single entry point – meaning using only a small incision. minimally-invasive surgery is also known as single site laparoscopy based on this defintion.minimally-invasive spine surgery

“Laparoscopic surgery” is type of specific minimal-invasive surgery, which is used when trying to minimize pain that a patient experiences during a surgery. Some surgeons often use the term minimally-invasive surgery to refer to it in general.

Minimally-invasive surgery uses a thin, lighted tube when putting through a small cut or incision in the belly during the surgery. In the medical world today, surgeons use to find problems like cysts, adhesions, infection and fibroids. Tissue samples must be taken for a biopsy through a tube (laparoscope). Advanced robotic systems always give doctors a greater control as well as vision during surgery, thus allowing them to do less invasive, safe, and even precise surgical procedures.

Common Applications of Minimally-Invasive Surgery

What are the diseases you can treat with minimally-invasive surgery? Below are some of the most common diseases and conditions in which minimally-invasive surgery is known to thrive:

  • Gynecologic – Gynecologic cancers (ovarian or cervical cancer), Endometriosis, heavy uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and uterine prolapse.
  • Heart – atrial septal defect, Mitral valve prolapse & repair, atrial fibrillation.
  • Urological conditions – kidney disorders (such as kidney stones and kidney blockage), Bladder cancer, kidney removal, kidney cancer, prostate cancer, and vaginal prolapse.

Common Types of Minimally-Invasive Surgery

What are some of the most common types of minimally-invasive surgery?

1. Robotic Surgery minimally-invasive robotic spine surgery

During robotic-assisted surgery, a surgeon will operate from a given console equipped using two master controllers, which maneuver the four robotic arms. Through viewing a HD 3-D image on given console, the surgeon will see the surgical procedures better when doing an operation. Computer software will takes the actual place of hand movements that are precise. Many patients prefer it today since it safer than other common procedures.

The minimally-invasive robotic surgery benefits are:

  • Small incisions
  • Quick recovery time
  • Less scarring
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Less pain
  • Low risk of an infection
  • Short hospital stay

See this short video that features spine surgery with mazor robotics renaissanceone, of the most emerging and cutting edge surgical procedures using robotics. You can learn more about this procedure by visiting the official website of spine surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner.

2. Minimally-Invasive Lumbar Discectomy

minimally-invasive lumbar discectomy surgeryMinimally-invasive lumbar discectomy, or endoscopic surgery, is a minimally-invasive procedures, which utilizes an endoscope as to reach these internal organs via a very small incisions. In endoscopic surgery, a surgeon will insert a thin and flexible tube through a video camera via small incision via the mouth or even nostrils. The tube will use tiny surgical instruments that the surgeon uses when viewing the organs from a computer monitor.

The endoscopic surgical procedures benefits are:

  • Small incisions or no incision
  • Less pain
  • Low infection risks
  • Short hospital stay
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Quick recovery time
  • Less scarring

In this video, spine surgeon Dr. Joshua Rovner discusses the surgical procedure behind minimally-invasive lumbar discectomy.

3. Minimally-Invasive Spinal Surgery

Minimal invasive spinal surgery is a kind of procedure used when treating conditions that relates to the thoracic, cervical, or lumbar regions of spine without making any form of incision. When administered well, they are always safe. This technique always allows these surgeons to view inside the body of patient and operate by a smaller incision.

In conclusion, the above is an overview of minimally-invasive surgery that you should know before choosing one.


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