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Yoga for Health & Wellness

As we live our busy lives, we often need to find a form of exercise that will help us un-wind. One of the most rejuvenating and good-health promoting activities is Yoga. 

Yoga is a perfect retreat for relaxation as well as physical benefit. By practicing yoga for health and relaxation, you are engaging technique to optimize your time and physical benefits while enjoying the mental and emotional relaxation that practicing yoga provides.

Better Self-Awareness Through Yoga

When practicing yoga for health benefits, you may realize many things about yourself, such as your degree of flexibility and strength. This may help you better understand bodily issues that you can focus and improve upon.

Also a self-awareness aspect of Yoga derives from the deep breathing involved with the practice. Beginner yogis can immediately start unlocking a much greater lung capacity upon a commencing a consistent Yoga practice.  More breathing means your body will better oxygenated, helping to nourish every cell in the body.

Yoga in Many Forms

There are many different styles or forms of Yoga. When deciding on the style of Yoga, it is important take into consideration what your ultimate goals are from your practice.

Some forms of Yoga are more relaxing and breathing intensive, such as Hatha or Restorative Yoga. On the other hand, some styles of Yoga are more aerobic with more movements and postural transitions, such as Vinyasa.

If you are getting into Yoga for health reasons, then the outlets may seem vast and overwhelming. You will want to talk to an experienced Yoga instructor about the various options. In addition, there are a number of different Yoga resources online that can help lead you in the right direction.

Whether you seeking ways to alleviate stress in your life, or simply want to explore a new road to better strength and flexibility, Yoga can be a solution for many things in life.


Health Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for centuries for its innumerable values. Meditation is the consider one of the easiest and safest methods to stabilize one's emotional, mental and physical state.

There are endless health benefits of meditation. Many doctors are recommending meditation to treat various stress-related sicknesses, such as trauma, insomnia, and anxiety.

One of the most significant health benefits of meditation is to release stress from the body. Regular meditation leads to an intense relaxation and deliberation.

If you want to experience life without constant worries, pressures and stress then start practicing meditation. This is going to offer you peaceful, happy, calm and relaxed way of life.

Meditate Toward Better Health

If you can spend as less as ten minutes in a day for meditation, it will help you in alleviating stress. Here are some more health benefits of meditation:

1. Meditation helps in lowering blood lactate levels, thus reduces the chances of anxiety attacks
2. Meditation can help in building self confidence.
3. Meditation can increase the level of serotonin which controls moods and behavior.
4. Meditation enhances your energy level, strength and vigor.
5. Meditation helps in controlling blood pressure.
6. Meditation is useful in managing stress and tensions.
7. Meditation gives the feeling of deep relaxation and well being.
8. Meditation helps in increasing concentration.
9. Meditation is a tool in strengthening the mind.
10. Meditation can lower the chances of heart diseases.

If you get into regular practice of meditation, you will soon start feeling much calmer and controlled. You will be able to concentrate greatly on many different things. When you do meditation instead of getting panic about any unexpected happenings, you will be able to handle the situation peacefully and wisely.

A consistent meditation practice can help you avoid being irritated by the small things in life. So with meditation you can enjoy every moment of your life with more happiness and better health and wellness.


6 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year when you want a break from your routines. You are in a festive mood, and with a little vacation time, it’s difficult to maintain discipline. And with all the holiday temptations, finding time to exercise is even more essential.

How can you make the most of your healthy endeavors during the busy holiday season?

It is important to understand and accept that the holiday season makes it hard to stick to healthy food and a regular exercise program. While it is hard, it is definitely not impossible to find discipline and techniques to stay in shape and choose healthy food options wherever possible.

Below are 6 tips for a healthier holiday season

  1. Combine exercise with family time on a holiday vacations. Go on a backpacking trip, skiing, sledding trip, or some kind of fun thing which involves physical activity with the family. Aside from exercise, your family gets quality time together with loved ones.
  2. Bring to mind that poster or image of your favorite celebrity or aspiring icon whose sexy body that you dream to possess. Each time you see unhealthy foods, this will be a conscious reminder to stop yourself from going overboard.
  3. Make few adjustments and find alternative physical activities to keep you fit. For example, The day you find yourself making excuses of avoiding your routine workouts, get creative with an at home exercise plan. You could do some jogging around the house, do stretching exercises or yoga, crunches and push-ups, or use a fitness DVD to do guided workouts to help you through.
  4. If you go shopping, make a plan to walk as much as possible. This includes taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and parking your car far from the exit of the mall.
  5. High sugar and high fat temptations will present themselves at almost every holiday season party. Consciously say aloud “no” each time you try to reach out for second helpings. This can help you fend off holiday weight gain.
  6. Getting up an hour earlier than usual to exercise or go running is a great idea during the holiday season. Not only will this help you ignite your metabolism, but the feeling of an early morning accomplishment can leave your feeling great all day.

The busy holiday season is bound to be fought with temptations. There may be a slip between the lip and the mind, but don’t beat yourself up over it. It is alright to allow yourself to ‘cheat’ at times when you get a little slack. However what is most important is to have the right attitude towards your health, your diet, and your exercise program.

Do not give up if you falter on your diet or exercise temporarily. Stay positive. Be aware that if you do fall off the exercise bandwagon, there's no reason not to climb back aboard once your holidays are over.


Somatics For Healing

If you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for relief, you may want to consider Somatics for healing. Somatics is a field of study that deals with the individual from the inside. For this, self awareness is a very important part of Somatics.

Somatics is a gentle, easy form of voluntary movements that can be done in 5 to 10 minutes each day. These are very simple movements that are similar to stretching, but are more breathing intensive and focus on the internal sensation one feels through different movements and postures.

A Bit About Somatics

Somatics for healing the body involves sensory motor training that relieves stress and reduces pain. It also encourages healing of many types of injuries. The sensory motor capacities of the body are at the core to Somatics. Our sensory motor functions can be controlled by learning a conscious voluntary way of movement, coupled with sensory awareness. Our reflexes are both sensory and motive but, in many cases, they have become involuntary. We automatically react to the stimulus, and that is an involuntary reaction. The goal of Somatics for healing is to teach us to be aware of and in control of our movement by voluntarily responding to our own sensory functions. As a result, we can achieve greater posture, health and well being.

Benefits of Somatics

A host of conditions are improved by Somatics. Engaging in Somatics for healing will give your body optimal flexibility and improved balance which, in of its self, is a major boost to your well being. In addition, Somatics can provide relief from pain caused by conditions such as stress, arthritis, brusitus, planter fasciitis, pulled tendons, sciatica, carpel tunnel syndrome and many other painful conditions.

Some of the other fantastic benefits of practicing Somatics for healing the body are the improvements found in breathing, better joint flexibility, and greater range of motion. Overall, this helps facilitate better posture which enables your body to function more efficiently. One may also find increased strength and coordination is also part of the great results of reconditioning your muscle control.

Discovering Somatics

The exercises of Somatics are based entirely on conventional neurophysiology. The movements are fun, smooth and easy to learn. There are classes available where you can learn and practice Somatics, or you can have individual lessons. If you would rather learn in the comfort of your own home, there are videos to be purchased that will take you through each movement step by step. Whichever way you choose to learn Somatics for healing, you will be retraining your muscles and mind to work together in a way that will provide optimal results.

If you suffer from chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica, tension and stress or any other similar conditions, it is worth your time to educate yourself about this unique practice that can and will provide so many benefits to your overall health and well being.


What is Telemedicine?

In Africa, small villages would utilized smoke signals to warn neighboring tribes to keep their distance when they were plagued with dangerous virus or disease. In some situations, instructions for treatment were sent to them through these signals. The concept of telemedicine was established in a similar manner.

Today, telemedicine is the treatment of diseases and ailments by use of interactive audio and visual sources. In other words, it is a practice of sending medical related processed data through the Internet or video message distribution technology.

Advantages of Telemedicine

Telemedicine is not a new concept, however it has developed remarkably due to the development of technology. It is one of the best solutions to receive treatment at relatively low cost, especially when doctors are not accessible. It helps sustain the greater health and wellness of individuals by using computers, mobile phones, televisions and monitors.

Telemedicine offers extraordinary convenience for individuals in need of remote medical attention. A patient may visit a healthcare website to make an appointment; here cameras are used to see the doctors virtually. In this manner, people are able to get the best solution of your medical problem by world renowned doctors at lesser expense. By not having to visit a doctor personally, plenty of time and money can be saved.

There are many forms of telemedicine that are practiced medical professionals. Learn more about each below.

Store and Forward 

In Store and Forward Telemedicine, medical information is collected about a patient, and then sent to certain doctors. Here both the doctors and the patient do not require meeting, but scanned copy of patient’s medical record is attached. This enables the doctor to review the case without having to be present with the patient.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is the most practical type of telemedicine. In this method, a doctor has monitoring device, typically mobile, that is remotely connected to the patient’s computer. This type is most effective in treatment of chronic diseases and some particular heart related problems. It can provide many advantages over traditional treatment, such as lower cost and time savings. Here doctors can monitor and issue modifications as needed to ensure the patient is progressing.

Interactive Telemedicine

The third and more widely use of telemedicine is called interactive telemedicine. This type provides real time contact between doctor and patient. Latest technological innovations like mobile devices, Internet, and satellite video conferencing are utilized in this method.

Furthermore, this is enhanced by the latest innovations. Patients have the facility to ask different questions related to their problems for better treatment. This is also one of the reasons for its success as live interaction facility is available.

Telemedicine is also helpful for health education. For instance, in such areas where there are no facilities for diabetes is available, this method can provide a great guidance in this regard. Telemedicine is transforming how we hold and conduct doctor-patient relations, and will continue to progress with the advancements in technology.


3 Tips to Better Manage Stress

Stress is an ever-present human challenge, but you can take better control your responses and learn how to cope with stress every day.

At the Health n’ Wellness Blog, our preliminary tip to manage stress is to keep a journal. Here you can record what induces your stress and how you react to certain “stressors.” Once you have a clear and honest perspective on what is causing your sense of unease, you can take the necessary steps to avoid these situations or better cope with them when they do arise.

Below we outline 3 tips to manage stress. Each tip can help you get one step closer to better stress management

Time Management

Feeling pressured for time is very stressful. The key to time management is prioritization and planning. Determine the things you have to do and those that you want to do, then plan them out accordingly so you can better manage your time. This helps you decide which matters are urgent and which can wait. Good time management often leaves you ample time to enjoy doing what you love and lessens stress relative to time pressure.

Lifestyle Modification

Lifestyle-related behaviors and diseases are often caused by stress. The way you choose to live your life may not directly be the cause of stress, but it can affect how your body copes with it.


Work and life balance is not easy to achieve, but you can try to see how you're spending your time. You may discover that there are some things you don't have to do, which gives you time to allot for other more important things in your life.


Work is an important aspect of your life but you have to put it in the right perspective. You work to live, not live to work. Find more meaning in your life by connecting with other people in your community, family and friends.

Rest, Healthy Habits and Exercise

The physical stresses encountered by your body on a daily basis take a toll on your health. The body recovers from stress with enough sleep and rest. Counter stress by adopting a healthy diet and exercising. Limit alcohol and cut back or totally eliminate smoking. You may not feel it right away but these two negative habits add stress to the body.


Finding support from family, friends and your community makes a difference in how you cope with stress. It means gaining the love and trust of other people which opens up a well of benefits that can reduce the impact of stressful situations. You can gain support from:

  • Family, friends and co-workers
  • Professional counselors
  • A spiritual adviser
  • Stress management classes
  • Organized support groups

Stress can be caused by many factors and people react to it in varied ways. There are times when stress cannot be avoided but you can learn how to cope with stress and lessen it enough to regain your sense of control. To learn more about how to cope with stress specifically at work, check out this good article from Mayo Clinic


8 Ways To Fend Off Holiday Weight Gain

Gaining weight during the holidays is an expected seasonal hazard for many individuals. Holiday indulgences are everywhere, and fending off the temptations can be a serious discipline.

The countless rounds of holiday parties make weight maintenance at this time of year a must. Take in the following 8 strategies to greet the New Year without an expanded waistline.

1. Plan Eating and Exercise
Experts suggest creating a plan for eating and exercise, as well as a reminder system to ensure that you follow through. Put notes or pictures in strategic places where you'll be sure to see them.

2. Small Servings
You need not be deprived of the holiday treats that you're sure to be bombarded with during the holidays. The trick is to have just a little of everything. Portion control is key to minimize weight gain during the holidays.

3. Choose Your Treats
Before partying, plan ahead which holiday food you're going to indulge in. There'll be a lot of temptations like rich dishes, sweet treats, and extra drinks. Just choose wisely and enjoy it. 

4. Get Moving
Lack of activity and rich holiday food make the perfect combination for weight gain. Short 10 to 15 minute sessions of activity, like walking, shoveling snow, or lifting weights, three times a day works just as well as a 45 minute workout. Think of these as a way to combat holiday stress and to make up for the extra calories you consumed.

5. Take Control
You certainly cannot control the type of food at any event, but you can bring your discipline to the table. To fend off those urges and temptations, try these tips:

  • Stay away from the buffet table.
  • Wear form fitting clothes to remind you that you've eaten enough.
  • Chew sugarless gum after you've finished eating.

6. Be Prepared
Don't go to an event hungry, thirsty, or tired. It sets you up for over-indulgence and poor judgment. Eat a healthy snack like whole grains, fresh fruit or low fat yogurt before hitting the event. In addition, thirst is often confused with hunger, so stay hydrated. 

7. Avoid Grazing
Often, we think that food eaten standing up or picked out from a tray doesn’t count, but it does. It is best to sit down and savor the food you've decided to enjoy rather than grazing continuously the whole time. Use a smaller plate if you want to control portions better. 

8. Limit Alcohol
Liquid calories are still calories. Besides, alcohol reduces willpower and can later stimulate appetite. Establish your limits and make you can stick with it.

You can avoid holiday weight gain if you really put your mind to it. Enjoy the delights of the season but stay committed to your weight maintenance plan.


Natural Remedies For Migraine Headaches

A migraine headache can be extremely painful. Migraines are caused by a number of reasons, and there never seems to be a single remedy that works for everyone. However, you may be able to find you ideal cure buy considering some of these natural remedies for migraines.

The Chiropractic Remedy

According to certain studies, upward of 80% of migraine sufferers find relief with a chiropractic adjustment. It is a natural method that should be done by an experienced chiropractor. It involves correcting spinal problems to reduce the severity and frequency of migraine attacks.

The Biofeedback Remedy

Migraines often result of extremely tight and tensed muscles of the neck. Biofeedback provides the ability to relax these muscles and thereby reducing pain. Biofeedback is a program supervised by trained practitioners and enables migraine sufferers to control involuntary responses to stress.

Tension Relief Remedy

Tension relief can be achieved through natural methods like taking hot baths or showers, application of cold packs on the back of the neck, or simply getting a massage.

Most people instinctively retreat to a dark and quiet room when they feel a migraine attack coming on. This is because migraines make them very sensitive to light and noise. Lessen the tension and promote an environment that offers a calming peace of mind.

The Nutritional Remedy

Allergies and sensitivities to certain foods are major, yet unforeseen causes of migraines. Common culprits include certain forms of nuts, beans, caffeine, chocolates and alcohol. Monosodium glutamate which is often used in Chinese foods is a notorious migraine trigger, especially when taken in large amounts. Excessive consumption of salt can likewise cause migraines.

To pinpoint the exact foods that cause your migraine headaches, try starting a food diary in which you can take note of everything that you eat. After a few weeks, you'll be able to see a pattern that will give a good idea on what foods to avoid.

Millions suffer from migraine headaches, and if you're one of them, there are natural ways for relief without relying on medications. All of these natural remedies except biofeedback and tension relief methods address the root of the problem. It is possible that by applying some of these methods, you'll be able to eradicate migraine headaches out of your life.


Take Deeper Breaths

It might sound simple, but on an unconscious level, it is not. Many of us have grown habitual to shallow breathing. That is, we take small breaths that use only a portion of our lung’s capacity. But with practice, as well as consciousness (awareness) we can train of bodies to breathe deeply without even thinking about it.

Benefits of Deeper Breathing

Breathing is the source of life. The moment we are pulled from the womb and released into the world we take our first full breath of oxygen. But as we grow older, our primal physical functioning tends to taper. Unfortunately for many, strong breathing using the full lung’s capacity is often hindered.

Training yourself to breathe from the bottom of your lungs has a number of benefits. Not only does better breathing help from a physical perspective, but it also contributes to greater stability of our emotions and enhanced sharpness of the mind. There are two great things that happen to the body when we breathe to our fullest.

The more obvious of the two is increased oxygen. More air flowing into our lungs promotes better delivery of oxygen throughout the body. This results in many benefits in its own such as improved healing capabilities and better brain functioning.

The second physical benefit of taking deeper breaths stems from the muscles that control the diaphragm. These muscles, such as the intercostals muscles, correlate to proper core functioning, and thus influence other important movements of the body, even walking and running. When these muscles remain idle due to chronic shallow breathing habits, inhibited core functioning is the result. This can lead to improper mobility which can later result in a confusing cause of injury.

Our minds and emotions are also greatly impacted by our breathing habits. Aside from the biological aspects of more oxygen going to the brain, many find greater breathing to contribute to a higher sense of awareness. When we feel ourselves taking in slow, deep breaths, we are more in-tune with ourselves. This can help us in many ways, both spiritually and for greater peace of mind.

Improving Your Breathing Subconsciously

In order to improve upon almost anything subconsciously (or without having to focus or be aware) one must practice at the conscious level. When it comes to deeper breathing, sometimes it takes more than just paying close attention.

You can significantly achieve better breathing habits by taking ten minutes out of day to simply breathe. Dedicate this time to consciously breathe while resting comfortably on the floor. Be mindful of every deep breath you take. You can even experiment with taking in a breath, holding it in, and pushing the air to different areas of your diaphragm. This can help you realize better control of your intercostals as well as other parts of your body.

The essence of deeper breathing is the foundation to many practices, such as Yoga and several forms of meditation. It is the center of life as well as the center of our bodies. To take deeper breaths habitually, one must become more aware, so start on your path to deeper breathing on a more subconscious level.


What Motivates You to Exercise?

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