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Tips for a Healthy and Happy Family

Tips for a Healthy FamilyAs the seasons change, so do our habits. The weather is cooler and it is time to bundle up and get ready for cold and flu season. Every fall and winter children go home sick from the flu more than any other reason. Protect your family's health with these fall health tips.

Snack on Yogurt

The benefits of yogurt are plenty. The calcium is one of the best ways to build strong bones and teeth. Yogurt is loaded with antioxidants and can help you feel better through out the day. Most yogurts have fiber, which will help you feel full longer. Add more yogurts into your diet for a healthy well balanced routine.

Drink More Coffee

That's right, this just in coffee can actually help you be healthier. Doctor Oz, recently reported on the benefits of drinking more Joe and its effect on your overall body. If you are looking for a little boost to your metabolism, energy and mind power add some more coffee into the diet.

Munch on Bananas

Pack your children's lunch with extra love and care by adding a banana. The bananas are one of the best flu fighting snack because they have so much potassium which can ward of unwanted bacteria in the body. Bananas are a good source of energy as well because they are dense, low in calories and zero fat and low in sugar compared to some other fruits.

Eat More Apples

Apples are a fall time favorite but also a dentist and doctor's dream. Dentist love apples because the crunchy fiber-filled fruit can work like a toothbrush in the event you don't have one. Use an apple as a way to have clean healthy teeth with out even trying. If you want to ensure your child's health is in tiptop shape this fall, add more apples into their diet. Stick to the raw whole apple verses fruit juices or dried apples.

Brush Your Teeth After Every Meal

Recent research shows that brushing your teeth after every meal can help flight cavities in a profound way. Did you know that the food particles that hang around our mouth long after lunch can often cause more damage than we realize. Pack a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste in your work bag and put one in your child's back pack. Explain the benefits of brushing your teeth after each meal to your children. Your entire family will be smiling with these easy to implement health tips.

About the author

Shannon Kaiser is a health and wellness writer. For more health information for you and your family visit Advanced Dental Arts NW, a Dentist in Portland OR.


Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating Habits

Tips to Avoid Mindless Eating HabitsMindless eating plagues the American culture as access to food is often times right around the corner. Many of us are guilty of eating without thinking, or eating when we're not even hungry. Whether our excuse is boredom, depression, or some other reason, the excuses for mindless eating need to be put aside.

To break the habits of mindless eating, you need to be conscious of those moments when the fridge or pantry sounds enticing. Being aware of those impulses is the first step to overcoming such eating habits.

Below we offer four tips to help you avoid mindless eating:

1. Stick to Your Healthy Grocery List

Perhaps the best way to avoid mindless eating is to not buy foods that promote such behaviors. These are typically snack foods like chips and cookies that we tend to buy on impulse while at the grocery store.

Simply put: make a health grocery list, and stick to it. Your list may not consist the food you really desire, but the food that's readily available will significantly help you decide if you truly need a snack, or if you’re wandering to the pantry out of boredom.

2. Keep a Food Log

Writing down everything you consume, including the amount, calorie count, time of day, and any notes about how you felt after eating. A food log can help keep yourself in check. And if you're dieting, a food log will help you keep track of you daily calorie intake. In short, you should be well aware of you mindless eating habits if you see them written down over a peroid time.

3. Leave the Cash in the Car

Although this tip might sound a little odd, for some it migh make perfect sense. Keeping a few bucks on you might be a good enough reason to grab that candy bar from the vending machine. The idea is to not even make this mindless purchase an option. If you're easily prompted to buy unhealthy snacks on impulse, leave your cash and coins either in your car or at home.

4. Check Your Emotions

Whether your headed for the pantry or the refrigerator door, pause and check your truly feelings and emotions. Are you hungry? How hungry are you? What would be the ideal thing to eat to satisfy you?

Instead of letting your mindless drive take over your eating habits, be conscious of your motives and be honest with yourself. Some times walking away is the best approach.


Four Marble Cleaning Products that are Safe & Effective

Marble Cleaning ProductsBecause marble is a soft stone that is sensitive to common, chemically-based household cleaners, it's important to use specific marble cleaning products that are safe on the natural stone's surface.

In short, acids and chemicals will corrode the surface of marble, causing etching. And when it etching occurs, a more extensive approach to marble restoration is needed.

As a result, it's key to invest in the right marble cleaning products. In this post, we'll share with your four marble cleaners that are both safe and effective at cleaning marble.

1. Method Granite and Marble Cleaner

There have been praises about this product and even after using it for two days it is already one of the top picks. Although it may seem to be an expensive option retailing at $7.99 for a bottle of 12 oz. with an additional $5 for shipping, it is worth it in the end. The marble cleaner spray emits a fine mist which can encompass a large surface thus you should not use much of it to clean large areas. In addition to this, it has a clean scent although somewhat laced with chemicals. One thing though would be it would be much better with a high design bottle such as other types of Method products. The Method website guarantees the product to be both biodegradable as well as safe.

2. Clorox Disinfecting Wipes

These kitchen wipes are bleach free. Ever since the E. coli scare there has been much thought put into how people clean their kitchen worktops. The product’s package claims to kill both salmonella as well as E. coli. Since it is not advisable to use harsh chemicals when cleaning marble, they are best used for the moments you are looking to clean surfaces thoroughly rather than simply wipe them down. The wipes are also good to use on stainless steel sinks. It is an advantage when a product can be out to use for more than one task. Although these wipes are quite convenient, there are worries about the implications they could have on the environment considering each wipe is for one time use. The wipes retail for $3.19 for a tub of 35.

3. Mrs. Meyers Countertop Spray

This product is the strongest smelling and also comes in the most aesthetically appealing packaging. During testing of the product it was found that the lavender smell could be quite overpowering especially while cooking something else in the kitchen. However, most people commented on how it was rather refreshing as compared to other countertop sprays. This product has the least amount of ingredients that are chemically based and as such has almost no chemical smell. In addition to this, it is biodegradable as well as “cruelty free”. It retails for $5 from the website and at $4.99 from We stopped using this though due to the streaking that it causes.

4. NeutraSheen for marble

The 32 oz. bottle retails at $8.95 excluding tax. It can be used to clean a range of surfaces such as marble floors, shower, walls and more. It works quite well on different materials such as marble, porcelain tiles as well as ceramic. This product makes you feel like you are cleaning your marble surfaces like a professional as NeutraSheen is a popular choice for hotels as well as marble cleaning companies. Since it comes in a 32 oz. bottle it is quite economical as a small amount can go a long way in cleaning and caring for marble. If you are a looking for a solution for everyday spills, this product will make short work of it.

Do you have a favorite marble cleaner product that you like to use? Let us know in the comments section below.


Tips to Keeping a Clean & Healthy Living Environment

Your home is supposed to be a safe, clean, and health environment for you and your family to reside. However, it's becoming increasingly common to see homes that are neglected of good health and cleanliness.

In addition, homeowners should be well aware of the different hazards that could lead to an array of health ailments, such as lead poisoning, asthma, and a host of other health problems. Here we share with you a number of tips keep your home healthy and clean.

Keep Your Home Dry

One of the most common causes of asthma as well as upper respiratory tract infection is moisture in the home. This moisture will come from both the interior as well as the exterior of the home. You can prevent the accumulation of moisture by ensuring that the home has been constructed properly and that plumbing systems are working efficiently. Excess moisture in the home makes your house prone to the growth of mold, infestation by pests and also poor ventilation.

Keep Your Home Pest-Free

Pests are one of the leading causes of allergens in the house as well as being disease causing vectors. You can ensure that pests do not gain entry into your home by sealing any holes and cracks in walls, getting rid of any water sources around the home and ensuring that all food is stored in sealed containers. One thing to note about pest control is that using pesticides also puts you and your family at risk of getting poisoned. As such, it is better to look for options that will not be harmful to either humans or pests such as diatomaceous earth or boric acid.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping a Clean & Healthy Living EnvironmentMost people will claim to clean their homes on a regular basis but how thoroughly do you clean your house? Dust should be cleaned out daily as its accumulation can cause a number of health problems. Keep in mind pesticides and other chemicals that can be found in products around the home and cause allergic reactions. You should control the amount of dirt that comes into the home and also take note of the cleaning products that are used around the home. Some cleaning products as simple as a basic marble cleaner can have unwanted chemicals that could pose health risks.

Keep The Air Clean

Air quality is a serious household concern that easily goes overlooked by the common homeowner. In short, the air you breathe in your home should be as clean as possible. Proper ventilation will ensure the house remains well ventilated with a good circulation of air. There are also a number of air cleaning products that you can buy that help filter dust and allergens from air. These devices are great investments, especially for older homes that might have less clean of air quality than a newer home.

Keep Your Home Contaminant Free

This simple means ensuring there are no contaminants that could poison the people of that household the biggest culprit of this is cleaning products as they tend to have a wide range of harmful chemicals. The paint that you use is also an important consideration if you would like to avoid exposure to lead poisoning. In some cases, you may want to consider hiring an inspector to evaluate certain areas of your home that are prone to such risks. In addition, you may also want to assess how well the home is sealed and protected from contaminants. A good grout sealer can go a long way.

Keep Your Home Safe

Keeping your home safe will make its occupants less prone to health issues and injuries. One of the best places to start would be installing smoke detectors in the home as fires tend to be the leading cause of injuries. If you already have fire alarms, then consider having a fire alarm inspection done to ensure all devices are in good working condition.


Cleaning Tips for Marble Countertops

Marble is one of the most exquisite stones that could be used in homes either for countertops or for flooring purposes. However, this stone is much more porous than other minerals and as such is quite prone to staining. It also retains these stains much easier than other stones that are dense. As such, you should take considerable care when you own marble countertops or tile flooring.

So what are some of the top cleaning solutions for marble countertops? Below we share with you six tips for cleaning marble countertops.

Cleaning Marble Countertops1. When wiping down marble, ensure that you do so with lukewarm water with a soft cloth. Once in a while, you could use mild detergents, such as a specified marble cleaner, but ensure that they do not contain too many harsh chemicals as these would ruin the sealer on the marble. Once you have finished cleaning the marble countertops, ensure that you wipe them dry to avoid streaking.

2. For people who would like to care for their marble countertops a step further, you could consider waxing them from time to time. Although the marble countertops will come with marble sealer, the extra coat of wax will provide additional protection.

3. Keep acidic substances away from marble. Marble is a gorgeous material and although it is not as dense as granite, it is still quite durable. However, it does not react well with acidic substances. These will include liquids such as wine, juice, coffee and more. Spills from acidic substances will cause chemical etching to the marble countertops and this will compromise its appearance.

4. Install marble in areas that experience little traffic. The most common areas for marble installation tend to be kitchen countertops as well as bathroom countertops. Although they make these areas look appealing, the countertops are also much more prone to succumb to wear and tear in these regions. The best places to install marble would be powder bath, surrounding tuba, stone fireplaces, floor tiles as well as table tops. When using marble as floor tiles, ensure you place mats and rugs on areas that experience a lot of foot traffic.

5. If you would like to keep you marble countertops shiny and new, ensure that they are exposed to very little amounts of dust as well as dirt. That is why it important to wipe the marble every day so as not to let the dust get a chance to settle and accumulate. In addition to this, dirt and grime could end up being abrasive to the marble. That is why it is essential to ensure that the marble surfaces are not covered in dirt.

6. If you have marble floor tiles, it is advisable to have visitors take their shoes off at the door before they come in. If this is not an option, then you should have entrance mats for them to scrape of the dirt from their shoes. Small pieces of grit in the shoes will cause scratches to the marble. When cleaning marble floors, use a soft mop or a broom with soft bristles. Vacuuming the marble would also be a good option before cleaning marble but ensure that there is no grit caught in the wheels of the vacuum cleaner.

Well there you have it. Six tips cleaning tips to help sustain the life of your marble countertops. Just be sure to use the right marble cleaner to ensure optimal protection and sustainability.


9 Tips to Keep Your Home its Healthiest

Healthy Home Your home should be a safe haven, not only from the stress you face from day to day life, but also from any illnesses and environmental hazards. As such, you should employ ways that will keep it safe and toxic free. Here are some of the tips to keeping your home healthy.

Below we share with you 9 tips to keep your home its healthiest.

1. Only choose safe cleaning products. A common mistake people make with their cleaning products is not looking at what they comprise of. These cleaning agents are used all over the home ranging from the bathrooms, the kitchen, the living rooms, and even the floors. Selecting cleaning products that are safe and non-toxic ensures your home is safe.

2. Stay away from synthetic materials. Most people will find this step one of the hardest, as synthetic materials tend to be the cheaper option. Thus, you will find most household items such as carpets; clothing, furnishings and more are cheaper when made from synthetic fires. However, if you would like to keep your home safe you would be better off with items made from organic fibers.

3. Let fresh air in. A common mistake most people do is constantly running their air conditioning to keep their air in their home circulating. However, this is not the best way of doing this. It is advisable to open your windows and even your skylight if you have one at least once a day to let in some fresh air into the home.

4. Stay away from paints and glue that contain VOC. You can get alternatives that contain low amounts of these and these tend to be much safer for use in your home. Constant exposure to VOC from the paint in your home could affect your health as well as the people who live in your home.

5. Open the window when taking a bath or a shower. If you do not have a window in your bathroom, install a fan. This is because humid bathrooms are a haven for mold. In small amounts, this mold may not be harmful but when it accumulates over time, it could be a health hazard.

6. Clean your home regularly. Most people probably do this but do not do it thoroughly. Dust bunnies tend to accumulate over time. The more dust bunnies present in your home, the less clean the air that you breathe is. Whether you're cleaning marble countertops or vacuuming the house, be sure to do it thoroughly to keep your home its healthiest.

7. Have the furnaces and heaters in your home inspected regularly. The most common problem that one could encounter with these appliances is leaks. Gas leaks could not only kill you by inhaling the flames, but they also pose a risk of an explosion occurring. Most people assume they would immediately smell a gas leak but slow leaks typically go unnoticed thus it is recommended to have them looked at from time to time.

8. In addition to having your appliances checked for leaks, also ensure that you have smoke and carbon dioxide detectors installed in your home.

9. Switch off electrical appliances when they are not in use. Not only is this cost effective on your utility bills, but it also decreases your exposure to EMFs.

Thanks for reading these 9 tips on keeping your home healthy. If you have any additional tips that you'd like to share, please add them in the comments section below.


Tips on How to Clean & Care for Marble

To best ensure that your marble sustains its natural finished look for a lifetime, the right approach to cleaning and care is paramount. Marble is a bit more fragile than other forms of natural stone or ceramic tiles, which requires a unique approach to maintenance and care.

Tips on How to Clean & Care for MarbleSeveral types of cleaners that typically used for ceramics can result in staining or harming natural stone like marble or granite. For this reason, it's crucial that when cleaning a marble stone surface, you use a marble cleaning solution that contains a low concentration of acid.

Aside from what type of cleaner your use for marble, how you clean marble is just as significant. Because natural stone like marble and granite is much more fragile than types of ceramics, sand granules and dirt particles can scratch the stone when wiping the surface. It's thus important that you take the necessary steps in cleaning marble the right way.

Marble Cleaning Tips

When cleaning a unique stone surface like marble, it's important that you use only marble cleaners that are designated for such natural stone. Most types of marble cleaners will be free of acid, or a very low concentrate of neutral pH cleaners. This will help to ensure that the already existing seal or wax finish is not blemished during the marble cleaning process.

Before cleaning a marble countertop or floor, ensure that the marble surface is dampened with clean water. This will make the marble cleaning solution to be more effective in breaking down grime and other particles. The ideal applicators for marble cleaners are sponges, mops, and microfiber clothes. First use a spray bottle or a misting applicator to cover the marble surface effectively. Once applied, allow the marble cleaner to rest for the suggested amount of time as recommended by the manufacturer of the cleaner. Next, carefully scrub the marble surface with a with a clean sponge, mop, or soft bristle brush.

Refinishing Marble Surfaces

Once the marble has been effectively cleaned and sanitized, you can periodically apply a finish or wax to further enhance the marble's beauty. First, apply the refinishing solution with a spray bottle and immediately buff the marble with a nylon pad. Depending on how old the marble is, you may want to re-apply refinishing solution as often as needed. You can typically find marble refinishing kits in retail stores or on the Internet.

Heavy-Duty Marble Cleaning

In some parts of the home or landscape where marble may have been neglected, you may need to use a more heavy-duty marble cleaning solution to effectively remove dirt and grime. In these case, try to pinpoint a heavy-duty marble cleaner that has low amounts of organic compounds for more thorough cleaning. These natural cleaning products are optimally concentrated to deep-clean marble without causing any long-term damage. Some marble refinishing kits will even include everything you need for heavy-duty marble cleaning.

Cleaning and caring for marble is not difficult when you know what you're doing. We hope these marble cleaning tips will help you keep your marble surfaces shining for years.


Advantages of Organic Household Cleaners

Organic Household CleanersMany individuals and families strive to make their homes a safe haven that's completely free of pollutants and harmful toxins. From keeping the home clean and sanitary to preparing organic, healthy meals, many families today are advocates of healthy living. However, one concerning aspect of sustaining a healthy home is the type of household cleaners that are used around the house.

Unlike traditional cleaning solutions, natural household cleaners help to provide a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative to using toxic, chemically-based solvents found in most soaps, disinfectants, detergents, and other household cleaning products. These popular, yet potential harmful cleaners carry chemicals that might affect the home in unimaginable ways.

Health Issues

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air quality in the average American household is over 100 times higher in pollutants than outdoor air. This is primarily due to common home cleaning products. Many of these household cleaning products pose immediate risks for concern, such as respiratory problems, skin irritation, watery or burning eyes, and potentially poisoning. Some extremely potent household cleaners can even warrant long-term health issues and mysterious chronic ailments such as hormonal disruption, brain damage, and even cancer.

Environmental Issues

In addition to the health concerns of popular cleaning products, once these chemical cleaners are washed down drains and into drainage sewers, many harmful toxins fail to break-down. As a result, these chemicals are drained into bodies of water where they can carry serious detriment to wildlife and the surrounding natural environment.

The U.S. Geological Survey conducted a research study in May of 2002 to analyze the amount of contaminants found in stream water samples across the country. The researchers of the study found “persistent detergent metabolites in 69% of all streams tested." Adding to that alarming statistic, 63% of the stream water samples contained disinfectants.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If common consumers continue to use these chemically-based cleaning solvents, these numbers will rise even further, causing even more harm to the environment.


Opting to use organic household cleaners is without question the best way to minimize the infection toxins and chemicals have in our homes and throughout the environment. The first step toward healthier cleaning alternatives is taking the time to read product labels careful, research the chemicals used in certain solvents, and make efforts to only use organic cleaners.


7 Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

Most nutritional specialists will agree that the keys to healthy eating is balance, moderation, and variety. In essence, that means consuming a spectrum of different foods without eating the same types of calories and nutrients all the time.

 Tips for Health Eating HabitsAt the Health n' Wellness blog, we're all about developing healthy eating habits. Below are seven tips to start developing more mindful and healthy habits for eating.

1. Moderate Portions: If you eat moderate portion sizes, it's much easier to consume the foods you want while maintaining a healthy diet. Serving sizes are sometimes hard to gauge, so don't be afraid to measure or weigh your food to ensure you're not overeating. But what's better than measuring your food is sensing, or feeling the fullness as you eat. You can sense the fullness of a few bites of avocado (high in good fat calories) much faster than a few bites of lettuce.

2. Eat Slow: The human body has not changed much since the Paleolithic days when our ancestors would hunt and gather food. During those primitive times, our ancestors would eat based on availability and impulse. This would sometimes mean a 3,000 calorie meal, followed by days without eating at all. Although the human body is resilient, it takes time for the brain to realize the stomach is full. Don't fall into the natural instincts of eating what's in front of us. Eat slow and know when you are full, before you eat too much.

3. Consume Nutrient-Rich Foods: Your body needs over 40 different types of nutrients to maintain optimal health, and no single food source supplies all of them. Your daily food intake should include whole-grains and other complex carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and protein, such as meat, soy, or whey. How much you should consume depends on your caloric needs. Use resources like the Food Guide Pyramid and the Nutrition Facts label food packaging to determine the nutrients of certain foods. One greatest tools to help learn and track nutritional intake is

4. Eat More Whole Foods: Surveys show most Americans don't eat enough whole foods like grains, fruits and vegetables. By whole foods we mean real food that has not been processed and refined with additives or chemicals. These foods are what our bodies were designed to eat. It's only been a couple hundred years since Americans started consuming processed, additive-infused foods. It has also only been a couple hundred years since mysterious diseases and cancers have become prevalent.

5. Balance Your Food Choices: Not every food choice has to be perfect or optimal for your health. We are all faced with temptations and unhealthy options from time to time. The trick is to balance and moderate these foods, such as those that are high in fat, salt or sugar. Although you should have a daily diet focus, your food choices over several days should fit together into a healthy eating pattern.

6. Don't Eliminate, Simply Reduce Certain Foods: A lot of people consume certain foods purely for pleasure. If some of your favorite types of foods are high in fat or sugar, the key is to moderate how much of these foods you consume as well as how often you eat them. Again, this might take some self-discipline. However, eliminating unhealthy foods might hinder your peace of mind and personal satisfaction. Instead, reduce and moderate how much of these foods you eat.

7. Gradually Make Changes: There are no easy answers to developing healthy eating habits, so don't expect to revamp your eating habits overnight. Too much change too fast can result in a quick turnaround. Rather, begin to remedy excess eating or nutrient deficiencies with modest, gradual changes. This will better promote lasting eating habits.

Do you have any tips for health eating habits that you'd like to share? Let us know below!


15 Facts About Allergies You Probably Didn't Know

Allergies are hypersensitivity disorders of the immune system. You get an allergic reaction when your immune system reacts to substances that are normally harmless (allergen). Allergic reactions are predictable, rapid, and acquired. There are several things about allergies that you probably did not know.

1) Based on statistics from the National Institute of Health, 1 in every 2 U.S. citizens has at least one allergy.

2) The body's immune system runs on white blood cells. These white blood cells are responsible for fighting diseases and sustaining optimal conditions for the body. The white blood cells sometimes lie dormant for years and launch attacks where an attack is not called for. They can be taken to act like the small bands of Japanese soldiers who did not hear about the end of the Second World War for years and who would attack peaceful villagers in guerrilla attacks years after the war had ended.

3) Being allergic to penicillin is the scariest of all allergies. The allergy often causes fatal anaphylaxis. To many people, the most disgusting allergy is allergy to cockroaches.

4) Protein causes most food allergies. The body's immune system responds negatively to some proteins. Studies are however, showing that it is possible to distract the immune system from rejecting proteins. Parasites that will not harm the body can be injected to distract the immune system from proteins. A 2004 experiment by Trinity College, Dublin team worked.

5) The experiment by the team from Trinity College, Dublin was well received in the scientific world. Jasper Lawrence, a British entrepreneur, in 2007 visited Cameroon and acquired hookworms by walking barefoot near pit latrines. He hoped that as the body fought the hookworms, his seasonal allergies and asthma would be defeated. This too, worked.

6) Jasper Lawrence has ventured into the business of shipping parasites to different parts of the world (but not the U.S. where this is prohibited by the FDA). He sells 35 hookworm larvae for $3,000.

7) The hookworm larvae are applied to a bandage and the bandage slapped on. The hookworms will wriggle through the skin after several minutes.

8) Allergies to food cause fatalities. In the U.S., between 150 and 200 people die each year as a result of allergies to such foods as nuts, shellfish, eggs, fish, and milk.

9) Hannes Harms is in the process of coming up with edible radio-frequency ID tags. The industrial engineer who is based in London is designing tags that will be mixed with meals to record the meals' composition. You will then get warnings whenever you are about to eat meals that have ingredients you are allergic to.

10) Walking in the grass could lead to tick bites. Tick bites can cause the body's immune system to produce alpha-gal antibodies, meaning you will not be able to eat lamb, beef, and pork again.

11) 40,000 women in the U.S. are believed to be allergic to the male ejaculate. The condition is called seminal plasma hypersensitivity. This can lead to social and psychology issues as well.

12) Women who suffer from autoimmune progesterone dermatitis can get allergic rashes as a result of their own sex hormones.

13) Your dander can cause an allergic rash in cats and dogs as well as to other humans.

14) Many people in the U.S. are allergic to ragweed pollen. The ragweed pollen season has been lengthening over the years, thanks to climate change.

15) Nickel can trigger a metal allergy that will last a lifetime. Avoid nickel coated jewelry.

Do you know of any interesting facts about allergies that you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments section below.


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