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10 Best Superfoods for Brain Health

Superfoods Brain HealthI’ve always praised the benefits of including superfoods in your diet. They are perfect for boosting your metabolism, can help you gain muscle fast and drop body fat as well.

But superfoods have many more benefits than just improving your metabolism and physique.

Many people overlook the importance of superfoods when it comes to brain health.

Superfoods can improve cognitive function, neurological focus and even your mood. Superfoods can also help you lower your stress levels and deal with life’s everyday demands.

So I’ve decided to write this article on the best superfoods to improve your brain health. Here are 10 foods that can help you do so:

The 10 Best Superfoods For Brain Health

1. Salmon - Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids and these healthy fats can have a significant impact on the health of your brain. Salmon can help you concentrate and stay alert; something that I’m sure we all wish we could do on a regular basis.

2. Blueberries - Blueberries are simply a fantastic food to include in your diet. They contain antioxidants which can help to strengthen connections between brain cells and improve your overall mental thinking. Some recent research done on blueberries indicates that they can help infants early on in life by helping them build stronger neuron connections as well.

3. Dark Chocolate - Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and contains many natural stimulants such as caffeine, which as we all know can help keep you alert and awake at all hours of the day.

4. Broccoli - Broccoli contains many brain protecting compounds and is also high in vitamin C, which has been proven to improve cognitive function.

5. Seeds - Things like pumpkin seeds, grape seeds and nutiva organic chia seeds contain many vitamins and minerals that can improve your ability to focus. Some of these include magnesium and zinc.

6. Whole Grains - The fiber in whole grains not only help you stay full and lose weight fast, but whole grains but the Vitamin B content in whole grains has been shown to make you more alert.

7. Avocado - Not only is avocado absolutely delicious, but eating avocado on a regular basis can help support a healthy brain, due to the vitamin E content in the food and the healthy fats it contains. Including more healthy fats in your diet can definitely improve brain function and there was actually a study done on pilots about this topic. The more fat the pilots ate, the better their ability to fly a plane and the less fat they ate, the more their performance in the air suffered. It’s amazing how much of a difference one macronutrient can make. Eat fat!

8. Green Tea - Just like dark chocolate, green tea is high in antioxidants and caffeine which can lower your stress levels, improve your mood and keep you focused and alert at all hours of the day.

9. Nuts - Rather your goal is to lose weight or to improve your brain health, nuts are a fantastic snack to help you do so. The high fat content, protein and vitamins can help keep you on top of your game.

10. Water - Yeah, I know this isn’t a food, but research indicates that the more hydrated you are, the better you will score on tests. So always drink enough water, especially on that big exam day! I drink about a gallon of water per day.

About the Author My name is Drew and I have been a fitness coach for the past 12 years, helping my clients pack on muscle and lose fat. My life revolves around fitness and I absolutely love what I do! I will continue to help people achieve their fitness goals for the rest of my life. Follow me on Google+.


Health Benefits of Maintaining a Regular Yoga Practice

health benefits of yogaYoga is an ancient practice whose health benefits resound till today. It is a potent way to improve circulatory and cardiovascular health. It is rooted to breathing and stretching, thus it is a very natural means to maintaining the body’s homeostasis.

One may be skeptical if one has never practiced yoga because it seems to border on the mythical aspects of human energy. It has however been proven scientifically that there are a dozen health benefits of practicing yoga daily. It is interesting that beginners are the ones who notice the most significant positive changes on the body.

The first point to note is that yoga improves breathing significantly by encouraging full use of the lungs. Most of us are shallow breathers and it can be demonstrated that athletes breathe ten times better than the average man. This alleviates most chest problems and the onset of asthma. The whole body benefits from increased circulation and oxygenation.

Secondly, yoga helps to stretch the spine and all the joints. This separates the vertebrae, which are the bones of the spine easing the associated nerves and vessels. The cerebral spinal fluid also flows more freely and posture is dramatically improved. Everyday stresses and strains lead to compaction and even twisting of the spine. Yoga aims to reverse this, and it has an actual effect of making yoga practitioners stronger.

The movements in yoga are very fluid and give time for the body to adjust to new posture. The poses are slow but rhythmic enabling increased circulation and breathing yet a slowing of the heart rate. This is an important point on improving endurance. It is a light exercise that tones the muscles and strengthens the weak ones.

Yoga focuses on core strength that has to be achieved in order to attain flexibility and balance. The human poise is challenged by stresses on the back and abdomen. With core strength, the body will be able to return from incorrect posture. The consciousness of one’s posture is improved with yoga such that one can begin to realize that he is not standing or sitting correctly. This is critical as it helps heal common back pain in a very natural way without ingesting regular pain killers.

Diseases of the joints like osteoporosis or arthritis are very painful. The pain can be alleviated by light yoga sessions that stretch the affected joints thus allowing circulation and healing. Uric acid trapped in the joints is released. Some individuals suffer aches and pains because of accumulated lactic acid in the joints and tissue. This is also physically released during yoga.

Certain important hormones and biochemicals are released during yoga meditation. The process can be identified as the feeling of wellness that encompasses one on the yoga mat. The positive effects include reduction of stress and a heightening of the senses. Mental alertness also improves; this is also contributed by the fact that negative stress hormones are reduced. Those who have experienced panic attacks or trauma with shallow breathing among other symptoms will have less likelihood of having repeat episodes.


Powerful Health Tips for the Winter Season

Winter Health TipsWinter comes with its own brand of maladies. The onslaught of influenza is associated with the Winter season, and not for the reasons that seem obvious. It is more because of the fact that people stay close together than for the fact that it gets really cold. Thus, the first thing to do is to get a flu shot, the earlier the better.

The same applies to all communicable diseases as people start to cozy up to one another in the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, those who start to show signs of heavy colds and flus should be kept in their rooms for as long as possible until it is over. This type of home based quarantine is very effective in curbing infections from the onset. The person who is down with the flu heals faster and does not get re-infected down the line.

Washing or wiping down everything that is touched by many with antibacterial soaps and solutions is also highly effective. Catching a cold is usually the first indicator that your immunity is low. The cold may be getting to you and you are not keeping warm enough. If don't take the necessary precautions to ward-off the cold the situation could worsen into more serious ailments.

One should minimize the time outdoors by planning a schedule that specifies outdoor activities be it shopping, driving to work or social calls. Doing them at one go means that you will not have to keep going out and keep exposing yourself. Do not be overconfident because you are young and hot blooded. The cold has a way of creeping in and dropping your mean body temperature.

Hats, scarves, socks, winter boots, and layers go without saying if you are keen on enjoying your white Christmas. In some states it gets dreary and grey instead of white with drizzles or blizzards. If it is within your sights, then escape to warmer climates but if not stick to the winter health tips and you will sail through. Keep watching the thermometer and the local weather report for the best times to go out.

Layers also include oiling your skin especially on your lips to prevent from cracking. Try to make the showers hot and not cold or lukewarm. Always try to counter any cold registered on your person. For example, if you come out for skinny dipping, have a tub of hot water waiting to undo the negative part of that therapy.

Check the house for spots where the cold is “leaking” in. It could be around the windows, ceiling or even walls. Have them fixed sooner rather than later, if you are not sure then do not do it yourself as you could aggravate the situation. You could also expose yourself to more cold in the process. Move your bed closer to the heater if you have to. If the dry heat is de-moisturizing, you may have to cover it with a wet towel.

You should be careful not to doze close to a charcoal burner or fireplace with a clogged chimney. The risk of carbon monoxide poisoning is real and you may never wake up. Forming a habit of stretching improves circulation and gets you warmer. Light to heavy exercise will also do you good.


5 Mind-Friendly Spa Treatments

It is good for people to undertake different measures to develop improved mental habits that will strengthen their intellect. One of the most recent developments is the prediction by the Inter Continental Hotels Group that ‘brain spas’ or places where commuters desire to learn much will determine their destination choices. They asserted that the market for services and products following the latest demand mind friendly spa treatments will grow between one and five billion by 2015.

It is essential to keep the mind alert and healthy particularly in the current hyper-informational and over stimulated environment. With regard to this, here are the five brain friendly sap treatments to enhance your mental health.

• Meditation - This refers to focusing the mind in a certain way. The benefits of meditation are endless. Some of the benefits it brings include calming and quieting the mind, relaxing the body, honing the use of your mental skills in performing tasks like focusing your attention on one object for a longer duration. It also helps to create the state of pure awareness of sensations, emotions and thoughts without reacting. Research from the University of Pennsylvania shows that long-term meditators display exceptionally higher cerebral blood flow within their brain structures linked to emotion, attention and more.

• Ayurveda - This name means the science of life and its goal is to attain optimal health at all levels, including the physical, spiritual and mental levels, though use of techniques and theories that incorporate exercise, herbal medicine, diet, massage and meditation. Former pilot studies indicated that this science creates positive results for depression, alzheimer’s, anxiety and Parkinson, among others. Some spas like the Raj located in Iowa have programs that help to avert the onset of age-associated cognitive ailments such as memory loss and Alzheimer’s.

It is an extensive program in conjunction with the Brain Research Institute director – Alarik Arenander, Ph.D. It entails the evaluation by a health consultant through the use of pulse diagnosis, health education classes, Maharishi rejuvenation treatments, fitness activities, informative lectures and cooking classes.

• Vibration/Music/Light/Sound and Color Therapy - In stimulating the mind, the forces of light, color, sound and music can create a huge impact on energy levels, mood change and relaxation. The scientific explanation on how vibrations and frequencies affect people both emotionally and physically is immense. There are various treatments like the Tibetan sound massage, singing bowls and the Kohler’s Vibra Acoustic baths, where sound waves move through the water and become choreographed to chromotherapy and music.

The other treatment is Taiz Sensorium that integrates vibrational medicine, gentle human touch, music therapy and aromatic oils. The last one is Shuniya sound therapy that entails a healing ceremony, which infuses vibration and sound though the Tibetan bowls, gong baths, Kundalini Yoga and turning forks coupled with Thai massage, shiatsu and Chi nei tsang.

• Exercise - Studies show that less than a third of the Americans meet the least recommendations for physical exercises. This research is worrying since engaging in any exercise like hiking, tai chai, walking and yoga can greatly help to strengthen your mind.

• Sleep Therapy - This one helps to rest your mind. Although this is not a common spa treatment surrounding us make it hard for most people to give good rest to their minds. In fact, the average adult sleeps for less than 7 hours per night yet research suggests 7 to 8 of sleep time. Insufficient sleep is associated with heart disorders, hypertension and cancer apart from memory problems.

This article was written by the advocates of Five Senses Spa & Salon, one of nation's leading hair salons and spas in Peoria, IL. The spa and salon specialists of Five Senses Spa & Salon pioneers spa experiences by incorporating an inspiring combinations of treatments.


6 Simple Tips for Healthy Hair

Healthy HairThere are various ways to ensure your hair is neat and healthy. Taking a healthy diet is one of the surest ways to keep your hair healthy. Away from consumption of foods, you can also ensure that your hair is as perfect as you wish it to be. All a person has to do is follow some very simple tips for healthy hair.

* Wash the oily hair on a regular basis. The number of times you need to wash your hair depends on the amount of oil produced by your scalp. If you have an oily scalp, you should consider washing it at least once a day. On the other hand, if you treat your hair with chemicals, you should consider washing it less frequently because it is drier. As you keep aging, your scalp produces less oil. Therefore, you should not use the shampoo frequently. This can result to dandruff plus other scalp ailments.

* Use most of the shampoo around your scalp. Any time you wash your hair, focus on cleaning mainly the scalp instead of cleaning the whole hair length. If you wash the hair alone, you can end up nurturing flyaway hair that is coarse and dull. To avoid such a scenario, shampoo your scalp as often as you wash the hair.

* After every shampoo, utilize the conditioner. It is recommended that you use the conditioner after using the shampoo unless the shampoo you are using is 2-in-1 hence able to clean and condition the hair. When you use a conditioner, you will immensely improve the appearance of weathered or damaged hair. This is because the conditioner will help to increase the shine, improve strength and lower static electricity. In addition, a conditioner helps to protect your hair from the harmful UV rays.

* Concentrate the conditioner around your hair tips. Since conditioners can cause your fine hair to appear limp, you should only use them on the tips of your hair. This means you should not use them on the length of your hair or around your scalp. This will give your hair a great look.

* Select the conditioner and shampoo designed mainly to suit the type of your hair. For instance, if you have colored the hair, use the shampoo designed specifically for the color-treated hair. On the contrary, if you hair is chemically treated or damaged, you can utilize the 2-in-1 shampoo. Irrespective of the cost, most conditioner and shampoo brands provide similar benefits.

* Protect your hair whenever you swim. Most swimming pools contain chlorine. You should therefore, guard your hair from the damages resulting from chlorine. The best way to achieve this is to condition and wet the hair prior to swimming. Put on a tight-fitting cap while swimming and only utilize the specially formulated swimming shampoo and a deep conditioner after swimming. These will help to replace the lost moisture.

These are the basic tips to help you take care of your hair. However, if you have questions or perhaps need more information related to hair care, you should consider contacting the dermatologist or perhaps ask a knowledgeable expert at your local hair salon.

This article was contributed by the hair salon experts at Five Senses Spa & Salon.


How to Deal With Stress

How to Deal With StressWould it surprise you to learn that the biggest health reason why people have to take time off work is stress? Although the number of days lost has fallen over the last decade, the Health And Safety Executive estimate that 10.8 million days are lost every year in the UK because of stress. On average, each person suffering with anxiety, stress or depression takes 27 days away from the office. It’s a massive problem, and something that many employers seem unwilling to deal with. So how do you recognise the signs of stress and deal with it before it becomes an issue?


Stress is often described alongside the related conditions of anxiety and depression as they are all interlinked. By the time you notice that you are feeling under stress, the symptoms have been building up for quite some time. Some of the early indicators that you may be suffering from stress include irritability, anxiety, change in eating habits, headaches, worrying about work and loss of self-esteem. Not everyone suffering with stress has the same symptoms, as every case is highly individual.


Once you have recognised that you are suffering from stress, the next step along the process is trying to work out what it is in your life which is making you stressed. It may not be your job at all; you may be looking after an elderly parent, or dealing with a newborn baby who is awake half the night.

Keeping a diary which details what you have done on a day to day basis and when you have felt stressed will help identify what triggers the symptoms in your case. Simple lifestyle changes such as making the effort to eat healthy, balanced meals rather than grabbing a takeaway, stopping smoking, cutting down on alcohol and taking more exercise can also help combat low-level stress and make you feel better about yourself too. If you feel that symptoms are severe, take a trip to the doctor to explore what other help may be available.


One of the main factors for stress in our everyday lives is that we never seem to get time just to “be”. Whether it’s the kids with constant requests for snacks, or the mobile phone buzzing to let you know you’ve got yet another text from the office, there are more demands on us than ever. It’s not often easy to find time to explore our own interests, but even a few hours a week can make a huge difference.

Leave the mobile at home and go for a long walk in the park, a swim or do an aerobics class at the gym. If being creative is more your sort of thing, put some woodworking tools like a mitre box on your wish list and start planning your first project. Once you’ve got your mitre box and other tools together, make a regular space in the diary to retreat into the garage or spare room to spend some time switched off from the pressures of everyday life and doing something you really enjoy.


The 10 Best Foods for Healthier Hair

 Best Foods for Healthier Hair  It is easy to spot the changes in your skin than your hair. The nutrients in your diet go a long way to strengthen your hair follicle. Although there is more to your hair health than your diet, such as hormonal imbalances, smoking, and insufficient sleep, the foods you consume can greatly affect the feel and look of your hair.

Below are some of the essential foods you should consume for healthy hair:

1. Sweet potatoes: They are among the best foods one can opt for especially if you want healthy hair at all the times. Sweet potatoes produce antioxidant beta-carotene that helps in hair growth. Carrots, mangoes and pumpkin are the other sources of carotene. Therefore, in the absence of sweet potatoes, these alternatives should be used.

2. Oysters: Hair is almost 100% protein hence a good reason for one to consider oysters as a number one priority. This means that one needs as much protein as possible in order to satisfy the fundamental steps involved in keeping the hair healthy. Oysters are also rich in zinc. Lack of zinc irons can lead to loss of hair in almost every part of human being body.

3. Salmon: It is rich in vitamin D which helps in keeping the bones strong and that includes the scalp of the head. The moment the scalp of the head is strong, the growth of hair and shed will be at its best rate thus having a uniform distribution of hair all around.

4. Eggs: They play an important role in making sure the hair is healthy in all ways one can think of. Whenever the mention of eggs comes to mind, it only means one thing, proteins. Eggs contain a number of variables that play a very important role in ones hair. Selnium, sulfur, and iron are some of the elements found in eggs. Lack of iron can lead to a scratchy scalp and loss of hair.

5. Spinach: This is one of the best foods for healthy hair. Most vegetables adequately hydrate the scalp of the hair, thus making it look a little bit shiny and glossy altogether. This great vegetable provides a very important ingredient to the hair, vitamin B-12 to be exact. This vitamin ensures all the beauty nutrients are available to the hair.

6. Walnuts: They have a great amount of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and biotin. Vitamin E protects the DNA in your cells from damage. Low amounts of biotin can lead to loss of hair. Walnuts also contain copper that keeps the natural hair color lustrous and rich.

7. Lentils: Small but rich, lentils contain iron, protein, biotin and Zinc. This makes it suitable for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. You can also include soybeans and kidney beans to get the same effect.

8. Greek yogurt: This is a hair-friendly protein that contains vitamin B5 and vitamin D. New research shows a connection between vitamin D and the growth of hair follicle. Alternatives are low-fat cheese, skim milk and cottage cheese.

9. Blueberries: This exotic fruit is rich in vitamin C, which helps in blood circulation to the scalp besides supporting the smaller blood vessels that nourish the follicles. Insufficient vitamin C in your body can cause hair breakage.

10. Poultry: This daily entrée is a powerful source of protein. It is also rich in iron, zinc and vitamin B that help to keep strengthen the strands. Since hair is almost pure protein, protein rich foods really nourish the hair.

Most hair salon stylists will agree that the food you eat can surely influence the health of your hair. Incorporate these ten foods in your diet to promote optimal hair health.


Spa Treatments That Are Wallet-Friendly

Spa TreatmentsThere is nothing more relaxing, even therapeutic, than getting away to the day spa for the afternoon for a little pampering. For some it is a necessity, for others it's a luxury that we don't experience enough. The good news is, now you don't have to look any further than your medicine cabinet in order to create your own day spa experience at home. So pull gather all your beauty products, turn on some music, make yourself a drink, and get ready to relax and explore your five senses. With these day spa treatments, you'll even get to save a little money too, and there is nothing wrong with that!

Open Up Your Pores

You know how after a long day, all you want to do is rush home, put on some comfy clothes and wash your face so you feel refreshed? Well, your skin needs to breathe too, so treat yourself to a pore-purifying facial. First, step into a warm shower to loosen up and wash away initial dirt and grime. Already you'll start to feel better. For a more professional facial, you can purchase an actual electric facial steamer from a store for this next step, or for the budget friendly at-home-remedy, heat a large bowl of water in the microwave or a pot of water on the stove. For about five minutes, hold your face over the hot water so that steam can enter your pores. Then, spread on a purifying mask that will sink in skin to clean out dirt and grime, while all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Feeling a Little Dry?

There is nothing more frustrating and uncomfortable when skin feels dull and dry. How do you achieve that glow that celebrities have in magazines? You need to quench your skin's thirst right away. For a natural solution, cut a lemon in half and rub it into your skin. The acids in lemon will naturally slough away all the dead skin cells that have gathered on the surface. Similar to the pore-purifying facial treatments, hover over a steaming bowl or pot of hot water for a few minutes before applying a rich moisturizer. Before you know it, you'll feel like a million bucks. Are you a big fan of the natural remedies? Apply a cranberry extract to a cotton ball and apply to skin. It acts as a natural astringent and do a lot to help purify and bring moisture to skin that will leave you feeling refreshed.

For Pickier Skin

Is your skin a little more temperamental than normal? Some skin just doesn't mix well with most products on the market and you have to be very selective about what you use. Because of this, we know what a chore it can be to buy skin-care products. With a little research, you can find beauty products that are made for sensitive skin, making the pampering and cleansing process easier, putting some fun back into your routine. Only use a chemical-free product when cleansing and yes, you should still exfoliate. Exfoliating products made for sensitive skin can be peeled away once dry without irritation, kindly cleaning out pores and getting rid of dead skin cells on the surface. Now moisturizing products can get all the way into the skin and work properly. After exfoliating, apply a rich, creamy mask that soothes and calms skin while all you're required to do is relax.

Don't Forget the Rest of Your Body

When we look in the mirror, our face is the first thing we see, but the rest of our body deserves a little TLC as well. So why not pamper the rest of your body, too? You can buy scrubs at the store or make a variety of homemade ones as well with products you have in your cabinet such as honey, oatmeal, brown sugar, etc. Similar to using a scrub on your face, it will break down old skin cells and increase circulation so that you're skin feels smooth and will give it that healthy glow. For a little added moisture, you can even add olive oil to homemade scrubs, which will work wonders. With just a little innovation and some help with store-bought masks and cleansers, getting a little rest and relaxation can be extremely cost-effective and done within the comfort of your own home. 

This article was written by the skin care experts at


Essential Foods for Optimal Muscle Recovery

Foods for Muscle RecoveryExercising is great but sometimes, heavy workouts can end up stressing your muscles. In order for your muscles to recover, you should get some rest and also proper nutrition. The right foods will do wonders for your muscles. They not only enhance muscle growth and repair but also facilitate a quick and optimal muscle recovery. Below is useful information to help you select a proper diet after exercising.

When you are engaging in heavy exercises, a lot of blood glucose and glycogen is used up. When this happens, you will feel fatigued. The fatigue is as a result of lost carbohydrates. The carbohydrates have been broken down to create glycogen and glucose used up during exercise. Since all the carbohydrates have been broken down, you must replenish them by taking up the right foods. There are many foods which are rich in carbohydrates but not all of them are ideal for muscle recovery.

A great recommendation of foods, which are rich in carbohydrates and perfect for muscle recovery are foods which are highly glycemic. High glycemic foods are rich in carbohydrates which are needed after exercise. It is recommended that, after taking part in heavy exercise, you should take high glycemic foods for carbohydrates. This is because high glycemic foods enter the bloodstream faster making the muscles restore the glycogen at a faster rate. Good examples of foods which are rich in carbohydrates needed for muscle recovery are baked potatoes, cereals, breads and bagels.

Protein is extremely essentail for optimal muscle recovery. Proteins are excellent due to their healing and body building properties. Proteins promote muscle growth after they have been broken down after heavy exercise. The right amount of protein to include in your diet after a workout should be a quarter of your consumption of carbohydrates. In simple terms, the ratio of carbohydrates to proteins consumed should be 4 to 1.

The most ideal source of protein for muscle recovery is milk. You can also get proteins from other dairy products like yoghurt and cottage cheese. Both have carbohydrates as well as proteins needed for muscle recovery. Other than dairy products, protein sources like tuna, soy and turkey are also ideal for muscle recovery.

Your body must remain properly hydrated after carrying out moderate to heavy exercise. Hydration is important since it allows your muscles to recover from the stress of conducting heavy exercise. Bear in mind that the body consumes lots of water during exercise and this water needs to be replaced.

Loss of water during exercise can lead to tiredness and weakness. This is why people end up fainting since water is lost and has not been replenished. The most common sign of dehydration is urine that is too dark. If you lose a kg of fluid, it needs to be replenished by a liter of clean water. Bear in mind that, for proper hydration to take place, it is recommended that water is consumed in its original form. However, you can take a few sports drinks, fruit and milk since they are also sources of water which will hydrate the body.


Top Superfoods for Optimal Health

Superfoods for Optimal HealthSuperfoods are small category of foods that promote optimal health. Not enough people include superfoods in their daily diet. As a result, those individuals may encounter issues of weak immunity or nutrient deficiency.

So to enlighten you on the various types of superfoods, along with some of the health benefits of each, we describe six of the top superfoods for optimal health.

Blueberries – Great Antioxidants

Blueberries contain both phytoflavinoids and antioxidants, which help promote stronger immunity. They also comprise of vitamin C and calcium, hence nutritionists and doctors like them. They are not only anti-inflammatory, but can also reduce cancer and heart disease risks.

Omega 3 – Better Memory, Joints & Heart

Studies show that omega 3 found in fish reduces risks of heart diseases, helps arthritis and may also help to address Alzheimer’s and loss of memory. There is also evidence that it lowers depression levels.

It is commonly found in cold-water and fatty fish. You should go for wild rather than farmed salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel. You should purpose to have two or three servings each week. You can find other types of omega 3 in flax seed, fortified eggs and walnuts. The superfoods contain monounsaturated fats that can reduce cholesterol levels.

Fiber – Levels Cholesterol & Promotes Weight Loss

A diet full of fiber will assist you to have the right cholesterol levels as well as the required blood sugar amounts. In addition, fiber provides a higher satiety value, thus, it is a perfect tool in managing weight. It is mainly found in beans, fruits, whole grains and vegetables. You can include some beans within your salad or use dried ones. You may also utilize canned ones though they contain large amounts sodium.

Tea – Inhibits Cancer & Controls Hunger

The general antioxidant power contained in black tea is similar to that of green tea. However, green tea contains ECGC, an effective antioxidant that many people have not realized. The most recent Japanese study shows that men who took green tea on a regular basis had lower cholesterol levels compared to those who did not. Research in both the UK and Spain has shown that ECGC can hinder cancer cells from growing. If you want greater health benefits, use tea instead of the sugary sodas

Calcium - Strengthens Bones

You should be aware that calcium helps in prevention of osteoporosis and in building strong bones. You can get this element in supplements or dairy products. There are studies that reveal another benefit of calcium; helping with weight loss. It is recommended that people aged between 9 and 18 years use 1300 mg, those between 19 and 50 years to take 1000 mg and those with 51 or more years to utilize 1200 mg of Calcium.

Dark Chocolate – Level Blood Pressure & is Delicious

Latest research shows that dark chocolate contains antioxidants that help to reduce blood pressure. It is recommended you for the chocolate that has at least 60 percent cocoa content, and the darker it is, the better. Moreover, darker chocolate has a lower sugar and fat content.

What are some of your favorite superfoods? How do you like to prepare them? Let us know in the comments section below!


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