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5 Healthy Spa Treatments for Men

 Spa Treatments for MenSpa treatments till recent times had been an indulgence that women liked to pamper themselves with. With changing times, spas and salons have come a long way in finding a new clientele in men who appreciate the wonders of improving their looks and health with an added benefit of unwinding themselves in the tranquilized environs of the modern spas.

The menu lists at today's spas and salons display many different spa treatments suitable for men with the choicest therapies using the most popular oils and skin nourishment products. Spa treatments that are most preferred and are in high demand among the men are facials, eyebrow treatments, manicures, hair removal, and deep tissue massage, among the variety of massages.

Facials - Exfoliation and deep cleansing with organic and natural products revitalises the skin tone followed by facial massage by herbal creams that bring about a natural shine, providing a finishing touch by wrapping up in facial masks that result in a smoother, flawless, glowing skin tone.

Eyebrow Treatments - Eyebrow maintenance find a large number of takers. Although a unique spa treatment for men, trimming those bushy patch of hair into a comparative neat and trimmed look, in no way tries to hamper a macho image, rather presents a modern and well kept look.

Deep Tissue Massage - The most preferred way of de-stressing these days is by massage therapy. The massage therapy suited for active men who spend hours in exercising or face deep stress, is the deep tissue massage therapy. The therapy is devised to provide relief from stress as well as injuries. Working on muscles that are deeply placed within the body, the flow of strokes is much slower and firmer than in ordinary massage. Deep finger pressure is applied to remove strain from particular stressed areas.

Especially tending to the trouble spots such as back, neck and shoulder, stiff neck, lower back tension and sore shoulders are some of the problems that one gets respite from. Often stressed muscles and adhesions block circulation, resulting in inflammation and release of toxins, this type of massage aims at loosening the muscles by breaking down these adhesions and by de-stressing and improving circulation. The focus of deep tissue massage is recovering from muscle spasm, injuries and chronic pain.

Manicure - Most men do not really tend to take care of their hands but those who are in professions where one needs to use the hands more lightly, manicure offers a trimmed and clean look as well as the feeling of goodness that only a manicure can impart by pampering. Only select spas and salons offer these treatments, such as Five Senses Spa and Salon in Peoria, IL.

Hair Removal - With increasing number of men opting for hair removal, the spa treatments are offering a variety of hair removing techniques ranging from waxing to electrolysis to laser therapy. Bikini wax that was earlier common among women, has now found favor with men. Pubic grooming with Brazilian wax has become a trend with younger men. Displaying clean and smooth chest and back while exercising in the gyms is very popular with the exercising enthusiasts. Removing excess hair has become equally popular with the new age men.

Spa treatments are definitely a great way to improve one's physical looks and men are no exception to it. Looking forward to unwind and relaxation after hours of hard work is what everybody desires and spa treatments offer a package that comprises of treatments that make one look good and provide de-stressing massages which improve mobility.


How Simple Reusable Snack Bags Can Help Keep Your New Year's Resolution

New YearsMost people ring in the New Year with a party. We stay up late, drink champagne, and kiss our honeys as soon as the ball drops. We reminisce about the year that has past and vow to do things better in the coming year. Over forty percent of American's also make at least one New Year's Resolution.

Do you know what the most common New Year's Resolutions are? They include losing weight, eating better, saving money, and recycling. It's true! Most people focus on improving their health, finances, and environment in the year to come. So what does all of this have to do with reusable snack bags? Well, we are here to tell you that something as small and simple as a reusable snack bag can help you keep with all three of these New Year's Resolutions.

Eating Healthy

Reusable snack bags are a great tool to help you improve your diet. With reusable snack bags, you are no longer trapped by prepackaged, processed, junk food snacks. Add a reusable snack bag to your purse or lunch bag and fill it up with the healthy foods that you want to eat. Nuts, trail mix, fresh fruits, whole-wheat crackers, and even small pre-portioned treats are the perfect candidates for your new reusable snack bags. Avoid the temptation of binging on junk food and stick to the healthy foods that you have packed up at home.

Saving Money

Every year the average family spends almost $100 on disposable bags. That is not even taking into account all of the plastic ware, paper napkins, and paper bags that you toss out each week. Reusable snack bags are affordable. They cost a few dollars up front however, every time that you use your snack bag, you will be saving money, since they last for years they pay you back.

Protecting the Environment

Each year elementary schools throw out nearly 20,000 bags at lunchtime. A huge portion of that garbage is zip-lock bags, snack bags, and paper waste. By purchasing eco-friendly reusable snack bag products, you do your part to protect our fragile environment. Use your own reusable snack bags and buy a matching set for your kids. Make it a habit to wash and pack your reusable snack bags together at the end of each day. You can make a fun family tradition and keep trash out of our landfills.

This year set yourself up for success by making just a small change and use several organic, easy to clean reusable snack and sandwich bags and be one of the few that hasn't given up on your new years resolutions by valentines day.


Leave No Trace with Eco Friendly Luggage Sets

Eco Friendly LuggageEco friendly luggage can be beneficial for shoppers, but also for luggage manufacturers. Consumers can benefit by using luggage that has been created using environment friendly practices, in addition to luggage manufacturers that want to contribute to green causes and eco friendly processes.

The manufacturing process of traditional luggage can produce a lot of chemicals that can have an impact on the air we breathe and the marine life. To learn more and see options of quality eco friendly luggage sets, read on!

Materials Used in Eco Friendly Luggage

In essence, the materials used in eco friendly luggage sets are those that do not harm the environment when the bags are disposed. This means that the possible waste resulted from creating eco friendly luggage is reduced to a minimum. Often times, reusable materials can be the best to use. Safe materials for people and the environment can be the ones that are non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-allergenic.

For example, the use of plastic is not recommended, because the quantity of waste that is generated by them is huge. Plastic bags are usually of a lower quality and can easily become damaged. Eco friendly luggage can be great for travel, but also for shopping.

Eco friendly luggage can be made of non-woven polypropylene, which is a one hundred percent recyclable material, but the products can also be made from different recycled materials. If you have to transport food and drinks in the bags, you can do it safely, as they can store them quite well. The temperature of the drinks can be maintained because of the insulation.

Eco Friendly Features

Even if the materials used are different than the ones of regular luggage, they can be durable and very strong. An eco friendly bag can be used many times before disposal. According to studies, a green bag can be used more the 350 times before it has to be disposed. The products can be quite stylish and suit any preference and they can be more affordable. You can find large versions that are more than enough for your needs, as they can have much space for anything you may want to carry inside them. The products are multifaceted and they can have different sizes, shapes and forms.

Examples of Eco Friendly Luggage Brands

One of the best brands in the industry for eco friendly luggage is Patagonia. Patagonia, which offers an array of awesome solutions for travelers, has the Freewheeler and the MLC Wheelie. The Freewheeler is not very cheap though. Plus Packaging Inc. is another manufacturer. It produces eco friendly products, bags and packaging. Jay Peak 32" Wheeled Duffle from the company called Timberland is a durable product, made from polyester, which can resist to rough weather conditions.

The normal durability of the typical eco friendly luggage set is typically just a few years, but it depends on how much it is used. Because the impact of regular bags on the environment, which means one trillion plastic bags are disposed yearly, eco friendly products can be very helpful for lowering the damage to the environment.

The demand for eco friendly luggage is increasing today. Discount luggage stores can benefit from providing these environment friendly products to their customers, as they are cheap and people can consider them great alternatives to regular products. Eco friendly luggage can be cheap, useful and stylish. Companies in the industry can use their logos on the products and be proud of them, because they represent and promote a better environment.


Easy Ways to Minimize Waste Around the Home

The average household waste for a family of four is estimated by the U.S. EPA to be around 16 pounds per day.  Of this waste, 75%-85% goes to the landfill or is incinerated and only a small portion is recycled and composted.

While you may not have the time or ability to compost and recycle everything around the house, you can make a positive impact simply by reducing the amount of waste which you generate every day. Over time small changes can make a big difference.

Tips on Reducing Your Home's Waste


Plastic, while very useful, plastic has its drawbacks. One of the biggest is its lack of bio-degradability. Considering that plastic forms the majority of landfill waste, reducing it is very important. Using the following items can help you easily reduce your plastic waste.

  • Reusable Water Bottles: Instead of purchasing disposable water bottles, buy a reusable water bottle with a built in filter. This option is environment friendly since most filters can be used around 300 times before being replaced.
  • Eco-Friendly Reusable Bags: Use reusable bags made of materials such as jute, organic cotton or paper. These reusable bags are stronger than plastic bags, and can be recycled easily when necessary. These are great for groceries, clothing and other items. Even if you just switch to reusable grocery bags vs. plastic you will make a significant impact over the year.
  • Reusable Utensils: It’s tough to risk taking your good silverware on a picnic, sending it to work or worse yet to school possibly never to be seen again. Plastic utensils have become the travel replacement in an effort to preserve our nice silverware collections, but now there are better options. You can invest in a few sets of bamboo utensils. They are hand crafted, certified organic, light, stronger than wood, stain resistant and anti-microbial.  Hands down they are cooler than plastic and if you loose a spoon it won’t break the bank to replace it.
  • Eco-Friendly Reusable Snack Bags:  Switching to reusable grocery bags may be obvious but the small plastic bags and containers you use for lunches and snacks every day add up too.  The perfect example is your child’s school lunch. Typically it may include a plastic sandwich bag, a plastic snack bag, a disposable juice container, a plastic yogurt cup and plastic spoon. Lets give this eco-friendly snack or lunch box an environmental makeover: add a reusable eco-friendly bamboo spoon, reusable metal drink bottle, reusable yogurt container and eco friendly reusable snack bags.


The amount of useful paper that is thrown out is astounding. By reducing the amount of paper that you use, not only will you lower landfill waste, you help to preserve forests and reduce pollution created during the manufacturing process. A few easy tips to reduce your paper waste:


Around 30 million pounds of good food is thrown out in the United Sates each year. Take these steps to waste less food.

Hazardous Wastes

While most hazardous materials have to be discarded, you can reduce the amount of dangerous waste by taking the following steps:

A large part of landfill waste is unnecessary. By following these easy tips you can reduce the waste your family creates.  Over time the small changes that you make will create a significant difference in the world that future generations inherit. 

  • Cloth Napkins: Instead of paper napkins that you simply use and throw, switch to cloth napkins.  They are classy, have beautiful designs and will last for years. Look for organic cotton napkins to protect people and the environment from unnecessary synthetic pesticides.
  • Cloth Towels:  Much like cloth napkins, cloth towels are often a better value, do a better job at cleaning up the mess and are far more attractive. Purchase organic cotton towels whenever possible.
  • Reuse and Reduce Printing Paper: Read documents on a screen, and send them via e-mail whenever possible. When you do need to print use both sides if you can.  If you have one-sided pages, use the back as scrap paper, then shred and use in packaging or recycle.
  • Recycle Newspaper: Consider reading the newspaper online and unsubscribe to unnecessary paper mailings.  Recycle the old newspapers you receive or ask a local animal shelter if they could use them.
  • Reusable Plates: Invest in reusable plates in your picnics or outside parties instead of disposable.  Sturdy plastic or bamboo plates are great durable long lasting options.
  • Reuse Leftovers: Reuse the leftovers from dinner one night to invent a new meal for the next day. There are lots of cookbooks that specialize in showing you how to make delicious easy meals this way.
  • Buying what you need: Grocery shop with a list.  It will prevent you from buying perishable items that you already have at home and help to ensure that all of the items you buy can be used together to make great meals.
  • Composting: Since food is biodegradable, consider the use of a compost bin to create rich fertilizer to use in your garden and backyard.
  • Purchase Reusable Batteries: One single pair of rechargeable batteries can prevent you from purchasing countless new ones.
  • Give Away & Donate: Working electronic items including a used cell phone, iPad, computer, iPod, Game Boy and GPS navigation device is always appreciated at Goodwill and other non-profit organizations.  Even if your electronic device is broken you may be able to sell it online or donate it to be refurbished.
  • Recycle: If you have batteries, chemicals, ink cartridges or electronic items that cannot be reused or refurbished then please recycle them properly.

This article was contributed by the cleanly, eco-friendly house sitters at Personally known as Tyler & Paloma, these individuals provide no-trace, eco-friendly house sitting services in San Francisco.


5 Environmentally Friendly Products to Have Around the Home

Earth has blessed us with many natural things yet we end up hurting it in return by using stuff that is made by using harmful chemicals and materials that do not dissolve in the environment. However, we forget that whatever we give to the universe, we get it back in return and hence if we throw harmful things to it, the same things harm us in return.

Eco friendlyThis is one of the reasons that has caused global warming and is deteriorating the living beings' health. There is only one thing that can be done in order to reduce the harms that we have caused to the environment and that is using eco-friendly products. If we start using such environmentally friendly products right from our homes then we would not have to worry about harming the surroundings. Eco friendly products are those that mean absolutely no or minimum harm to the environment.

Listed below are the five creative eco-friendly products that are inexpensive and mean no harm to the surroundings:

1. Eco friendly light bulbs

There are certain companies that strictly use materials that help in reducing the consumption of electricity. Such bulbs not only help in minimizing the use of natural resources but also help in controlling the electricity bills. By using such bulbs, one is able to continue the use of electricity by not being afraid of exceeding the bills.

2. Reusable Snack bags

eco friendly snack bagsWe make mistake by using plastic bags and thanks to the awareness creating advertisements and hoardings, we have now started realizing the importance of replacing plastic bags with eco friendly reusable snack bags. Thanks to eco friendly snack bag materials that can be reused, there is a lot of help in reducing different kinds of pollution, most importantly air pollution as it is difficult to burn plastic and things made up of it. Additionally, using eco friendly snack bags can help reduce waste that enters landfills everyday.

3. Reusable refrigerator bottles

Plastic is a very harmful material and it is a researched fact that plastic bottles should not be used for more than 3 months. Hence, reusable products have been introduced in order to increase the life of bottles and cause no effect to the health of the people as well as nature that they are living in.

4. Wooden crockery

No matter how pretty glass and plastic plates look, wooden crockery not only helps in reducing pollution but also helps in reducing the noises that are created while eating and washing crockery made up of other materials. Overall, these alternatives are far better for the environment

5. Mud made wind chimes

Wind chimes make beautiful sounds and helps in bringing peace and good luck to the house. According to the concepts of Chinese Feng Shui, every house should have at least one wind chime in order to have harmony and happiness at home. Wind chimes are made usually by metal. However, eco friendly wind chimes are made of wood or even mud. Such a product not only brings happiness but also a guilt free peace to your mind.

Apart from the above mentioned products, there are many other eco friendly products that help in giving the best to the man without killing him with the guilt of harming the environment. If every individual starts taking initiative to protect the world, we can easily give a better planet to our children.


5 Healthy Tips for Back-to-School

Healthy Back-to-School Tips Children gain the most out of education when they are healthy enough since there is no reason why they should be out of class, attending lessons. During back to school time is one of the moments when kids are more vulnerable to several different health problems, simply because they are exposed to a variety of illnesses as compared to what they associate with during their summer vacation.

In that regard, listed below are a few simple and useful tips, which can help you to keep your children more healthy during back to school times.

1. Make sure you are up-to-date on all types of immunizations

Many kids may sometimes hate it, but they need to be immunized with all required immunizations. Several schools have created some policies to enhance and empower this practice by not allowing or admitting students without proper records of immunizations. The school where your kids attend is supposed to give you all necessary information about the type of immunizations are recommended and required to be administered to your kids. In addition, your doctor should also be able to provide information regarding the immunization records. This should be appropriate documentation to make sure that your kid is in good health to attend school.

2. Always keep the school teachers and nurses well informed

If your kid has any kind of allergies or is under medication for certain health conditions, it is very important for you to inform the schoolteacher or nurse about it. It is also essential to clarify this information in writing so that proper records of kid’s health is known and what should be done in case of any emergency. Furthermore, if your kid has some food allergies and there are meals offered in school, it is also essential to inform the cafeteria staff about the conditions of your child in order to avoid any cross-contamination.

3. Consider the use of reusable snack bags

It is also very important to use reusable snack bags since they are more hygienic than plastic snack bags. Because some traditional plastic bags can carry BPA's, reusable snack bags come with many benefits and are good in avoiding BPA's. Additionally, reusable snack bags help to promote sustainability when it comes to health issues since they do not encourage the presence of germs as in the case of plastic ones.

4. Avoid germs and all contaminated surfaces

One of the best methods to avoid getting ill is to avoid germs. Children can benefit from practicing better sanitation habits. Therefore, you should encourage your child to always wash his or her hands before and after eating, after using the washroom, and even before touching his or her mouth or face. Both parents and teachers should also teach the young ones how to cough and sneeze into their shoulders and elbows rather than into their hands in order to prevent spreading germs to the rest of the kids. Always remind your kids that one of the ways to be infected with someone’s germs is to share their drinks and food especially those are partially consumed.

5. Always keep and maintain good nutrition

Most people often forget that what they use to fuel their bodies has a great impact on their health, which also applies to the growing bodies. By teaching your kids about good nutrition while they are young, you can really help them to make wise decisions when it comes to eating, even if you are not around. Understanding how drinks and food works with your child’s body also help them to be less at risk for diabetes and obesity that are the most health risks in the today’s society.

In conclusion, with these back to school healthy tips properly considered and followed, you can be assured of the proper health of your children during back to school times.


5 Simple Ways to Be More Eco-friendly Around the Home

Eco Friendly HomeNothing is more pleasing than relaxing all year round in a home that embraces nature. A home that keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter and everything you need in between. A truly eco-friendly home is one that blends both the indoor and outdoor living, it not only has the ability to feed your family, but also sustains the environment.

An eco-friendly home not only helps you save the planet, you'll also be saving money. So if you love saving money and you want more options to help pinch the pennies, there are plenty of ways around the house to start practicing eco-friendly alternatives and cut back your carbon footprint.

1. Create a compost pile

Food and yard waste can be put into a compost pile, rather than going to the landfill in a plastic bag. Composting not only produces amazing soil for future gardens, but placing food scraps in a compost pile eliminates the need to toss them in the garbage (minimizing nasty garbage odors and having to take out the trash).

The soil produced through the composts is rich in nutrients and can used for you lawn, garden or flower beds. It is also much cheaper to make your own compost rather than going to the garden store to buy one.

2. Use a non-polluting power

From solar hot water to photo-voltaic electricity to wind turbines and energy efficient lighting, your home is designed for a sustainable and eco-friendly power use. Find out which organizations offer green power in your state. The results will include utility green pricing programs, renewable energy certificate (REC) products, and retail green power products offered in competitive electricity markets.

3. Start recycling

Many households already embrace an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Whether you invest in bins from your local waste management company or you opt to use your own bins to take to a local recycling center, recycling will help you minimize reusable materials that goes into the garbage and land fill.

It is probably realistic to argue that one person turning down his thermostat or recycling a magazine isn't going to save the planet, but if we all make our own contributions, we can have a positive impact on our immediate and wider environment. Recycling can be as simple as using a used tin as a plant pot for herbs or as complex as recovering an old chair. However, the good thing is that what might be seen as a waste can be given a new lease of life.

4. Use inexpensive reusable water bottles

Avoid disposable plastic bottles. Most people usually claim that the reason why they do buy bottled water is because of convenience, supposed health benefits and better taste. Yet, majority of these people cannot identify any valid reason why they choose bottled water over reusable bottles. Drinking bottled water increases waste.

It's estimated that American's throw away over 2 million water bottles every single hour, and even though some people recycle, the recycling rate is estimated to be around 27% meaning that still, majority of plastic bottles that are produced end up in water systems and landfills. So what are your options? Start using reusable and environmentally friendly reusable water bottles, it is not only beneficial for our wallets, but for our health too.

5. Invest in reusable snack bags and lunch gear

Stop using disposable bags. Order some reusable snack bags for lunches, picnics and travelling or you can make your own which is insanely easy. By investing in reusable snack bags and lunch gear, you can minimize the expense and effectively manage the waste produced by plastic bags. One reusable bag can replace hundreds or even thousands of single-use plastic bags over the course of its lifetime.

Earth-wise bags are great for carrying about anything and using them is an environmentally responsible thing to do- they offer durability, convenience, multiple uses, safety and protection.


The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Reusable Snack Bags & Sandwich Wraps

Reusable Snack Bags & Sandwich WrapsReusable snack bags and sandwich wraps allow you to make a worthy and sound contribution towards creating a cleaner and greener environment. These eco-friendly lunch bags and wraps are a perfect reason to ditch using toxic and non-sustainable plastic bags that are traditionally used as snack bags and sandwich wraps for children.

Plastic bags may seem convenient and cheap, but using reusable snag bags and sandwich wraps are more economical and environmentally friendly at the same time. Additionally, some plastic snack bags can have a negative impact on your child's health if the toxic substances (like BPA's) are used.

So in addition to be safer and more cost-effective over time, reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps are made with a fabric material that's more colorful, attractive, safe to use and reuse over time.

If you're still not sure about investing in reusable snack bags or reusable sandwich wraps, learn more below about some of the eco-friendly benefits of using these crafty alternatives.

A Sustainable Alternative to Regular Snack Bags

Reusable snack bags are made of soft and eco-friendly cloth materials that are bio degradable. Unlike plastic bags that can never degrade even after you could discard them, fabric resuable snack bags take less than 45 days to degrade.

Simply put, these snack bags and sandwich wraps are a more sustainable alternative than plastic bags for packing lunch because they pose no health risks, especially if you place a hot snack inside. Similar to a plastic bag, these fabric reusable snack and sandwich wraps are also spill proof and can protect your food fresh for a longer span of time.

Reusable Snack Bags Come in Countless Designs

Made from all types of fabrics and different designs, reusable sandwich wraps and snack bags are available in a huge variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. These eco-friendly snack and sandwich bags are made using non-toxic substances including harmless coloring agents.

These reusable bags can even be used to make your child happier by adding more color and excitement to their lunch kit. Starting from simple floral designs till animal prints, choose a design from this bag collection and it is easily available.

Reusable Sandwich Wraps & Snack Bags are Low Maintenance

There is not much of work involved in caring for your reusable cloth bags. They can be washed in cold water and can be ironed to use again. To hold the lunch and snacks safe, they come with velcro attachments and some offer handles for easy portability. These bags are recommended for packing lunch to school, office, for picnics, and other trips. Using these bags also helps you make the lunch pack light without any need to carry those heavy steel, or plastic boxes.

Most importantly, these reusable sandwich wraps and snack bags contain no Velcro hence you can stay really peaceful while using it as the food does not stick to the Velcro making it difficult for you to clean the bag by the end of the day.

Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bags are Pocket Friendly

Most reusable snack and sandwich bags are not just eco-friendly, but they are pocket friendly too. They can be used and reused which can save you a lot in comparison to buying those zip lock or plastic lunch bags.

Colorful and attractive reusable snack bags and sandwich bags are easily available in all organic stores, grocery stores, supermarkets and the best way to shop them is shopping online in bulk. Online shopping of reusable snack bags saves you a lot of money by reducing your traveling expenditure and also your shopping time.


Establish a Healthy Work Environment by Expressing Employee Thanks & Appreciation

employee thank youEmployee appreciation is formal or informal recognition and acknowledgement of employee's effort and discipline. Any company that wants to get the best from its employees must appreciate them every time they strive to attain the company's goals.

Additionally,by showing employee appreciation and gratitude for their hard work and achievements, you can establish a more mentally healthy as well as emotionally healthy working environment. Employee appreciation can be expressed in many ways. Whether via employee thank you gifts during the holidays, and simple praises and employee "thank you's" around the office, there are countless ways that can be used to appreciate employees who have done excellent work for the company.

Here are the main reason why you should express employee thanks and appreciation from time to time.

Creates a Sense of Loyalty

When you appreciate and thank your employees, you make them loyal their work and company. This will promote them to put more effort in their work. They will be happier and willing to share their knowledge with other employers so that they can work together to achieve a common goal. When every worker does his/her best, you can be sure that the organization is going to achieve and exceed its expectations. Cases of absenteeism will also be very low when workers feel appreciated.

Employee Appreciation Promotes Better Output & Customer Service

Employees who are happy with their work will be more productive. This will translate to better quality of goods or services. When customers get high quality goods and services, they will be satisfied. This will make them want to come back and do more business with your company. Your company will also enjoy free advertisement from satisfied customers who will spread word about your company's goods and services. In essence, by saying thank you to your employees, the outcome could lead to better employee performance.

Increase Employee Retention

When you give employee thank you gifts and praise, employees would think twice before leaving a company that appreciates them so much. This is because employee appreciation makes employees feel like they are contributing to something that is bigger than themselves. Its makes them feel that their presence is highly valued by their employers. When employees are thanked and satisfied, the thought of leaving to go work somewhere else will never cross their mind. This way, you will be able to retain all your best employees for a long time.

Improves the Company's Public Image

A company that appreciates its employees with thank you gifts and praise builds its public image. A company that does not appreciate its employees on the other hand may appear as cruel and exploitative in the eyes of the public. A bad public image can really damage your company's reputation. The public would not want to associate with a company that has a bad image. Therefore, to prevent ruining your company's image, make sure that you appreciate your employees as much as you can. During the holidays, consider offering employee thank you gifts to establish a greater working environment during the cheerful times of year.

Co-worker Appreciation Promotes Team Work

When you constantly acknowledge the work done by the people you are working with, you better your relationship with them. This promotes team work in all tasks that you perform. Teamwork creates a better working environment. People working together as a team will definitely be more productive than people who cannot coordinate well.

If you have not been appreciating the people you work with, it is high time you implement employee appreciation program. The cost and time spent on the program will be nothing compared to the benefits you will get.


Tips to Meditate With Greater Purpose and Efficacy

MeditationMeditation is an ideal asset that one can introduce to their daily reoutine in an effort to attain relaxation, peace of mind, and greater contentness. The real depth of the meditation can only be felt if done properly with adequate time and preparation.

Given below are few tips that will guide you in estbalishing a purposeful and effective meditation practice.

Create an Agenda

Figure out what time of the day you find yourself free and fix that period for meditating. By default, dawn or dusk is considered to be ideal, but you should always look for your ease and convenience. It's important to keep in mind the benefits you can attain such that the practice becomes a priority.

Set Realistic Goals

It's better to set small goals and achieve them, rather than aiming high and failing miserably. At the end of the day, what matters is the momentum that you obtain from a single session of meditation. So it's better to meditate for at least 30 minutes for the first few months and then gradually increase with the level of concentration.

Hit the Silent Spot

Choosing a silent location is imperative, if by any chance you expect meditation to be effective. Fix a spot somewhere in your house or in the garden or on the roof wherever you feel you won't get disturbed. It's all about making a habit and the habitant conducive in order to enjoy a relaxing experience.

Get Feedback from Others

The best way to track your progress is to compare it with others and that's the reason why any form of activity done with a group of people is always more effectual. Not only does it enriches the experience but also gives a feeling of social presence, since you get to know different people more deeply owing to their dedication and concentration.

Posture is the Backbone

If you are not straight, you are not doing it right. Meditation is just not about closing your eyes and sitting in a cross leg position. Remember, it's a form of still exercise which requires your spine to be dead stiff and rest of the body to be relaxed.

Prime Yourself for Your Practice

It's advisable that one should meditate with a fairly empty stomach or else it may doze up the food. The body needs a warm up in order to stabilize the blood circulation and put an end to restlessness. In addition to that, take a deep breath in and out before sitting for meditation since that will lead to you to a serene state.

Hire a Mentor

For a thing as simple as meditation, one may not fancy spending money on a personal mentor but you never know how motivating that could be. Not only does proper guidance keep you alert and focused but also track your improvement in day to day life. It's recommended that you choose someone, or meditation program, that has a good track record.

All in all, it's good to know that meditation is not a quick fire solution; you need to give time and dedicate yourself truly to the act and the results will take care of itself.


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A resource for parents on health and wellness topics like childhood nutrition, physical activity, and healthy lifestyles.

Parkview Surgery

Get the latest research, news, and insights about all types of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Better Triathlete

Triathlon Coaching, Training Tips, & Resources on How to Become a Better Triathlete.

Michigan Breast Augmentation Surgeons

Explore some of Michigan's top breast augmentation specialists in cities like Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Detroit.

Breast Augmentation Bay Area

Find top breast augmentation surgeons, cost estimates and other information about breast augmentation in the Bay Area.

Women's Health at

Information about fitness, weight lose, and living a healthier life.

New York Times Wellness Blog

New York Times blog about health and wellness, particularly fitness and nutrition.

How Recruiting Giveaways Influence Wellness

Surprise is still one of the most effective ways to grab attention and promote wellness. See how these giveaways and gifts can make an impact.

Hawkins Family Dentists Gainesville GA

Comprehensive family dentistry in Gainesville, Georgia for pediatric, cosmetic, and restorative dental care.

Yahoo Health Groups

Find several different groups specifically about health and wellness

Best-Rated Sport Sunscreens by SolRx

From Zinc sunscreen sticks to high SPF sport sunscreen for athletes. Eco-friendly and water resistent for 8+ hours!


A review blog of various types of plant-based protein powders and supplements.

Kid's Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are almost always made from natural and organic materials. As a result, they offer a safe option compared to conventional toys.

Triathlon Coaches by State

Find Local & Ironman Triathlon Coaches by State at

Chiropractor Mik Hamilton Pettibon System

Dr. Mik Hamilton is an innovative chiropractor in Berkeley, CA who specializes in The Pettibon System for chiropractic care.

Quest National Services

Quest National Services provide medical billing services, EMR software solutions, & other management services to physician practices nationwide.

Women's Institute for Health Atlanta

Atlanta's premier solution for laser hair removal, SmartLipo, Sculpsure, Cellulaze, HydraFacial, and much more.

Surgery Billing Services by Practice Management

When you need professional and timely surgery billing solutions, trust Practice Management to help you get revenue sooner from your surgery patients.

Dr. Aaron Wolinski

A multi-faceted scientist and engineer who is shifting the paradigm in music therapy for mindfulness and health.

Laser Therapy San Francisco Bay Area

The most professional and effective destination for cold laser/K-laser therapy in the Bay Area of California.

HydraFacial MD Skin Rejuvenation Atlanta

Experience a safe and highly-effective treatment to take years of aging off your face.