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Best Organic Shampoos for Healthy Hair

Best Organic ShampoosSeems like everyone is now going green with their self-care products. When it comes to hair, a number of people are starting to use natural, eco friendly and organic shampoos to treat and condition their hair.

The best natural and organic shampoos are those that contain the purest ingredients which effectively clean hair without stripping it over or drying it out. This helps to moisturize, hydrate, clarify and protect hair from tresses and other issues with questionable hair products.

Below we highlight five organic shampoos that are some of the best shampoos for individuals seeking a natural-based option.

Tasmanian Lavender Shampoo from Sea Chi Organics:

This shampoo is best described as the spicy lavender and contains a very fantastic scent. When applied to the hair it barely leaves back any build up and makes the hair to feel light and silky. This shampoo contains numerous ingredients such as the sea weed extract, nettles, comfrey root, calendula blossoms, oat straw, kombucha tea which are very effective for a healthy hair. This shampoo is quite significant in that it greatly serves almost all types of hair.

Hair Detoxifier from Aveda

This is a magical clarifying shampoo product used to clean your hair and to make it feel fresh and silky. It contains a camphor smell that will perk you up.It has ingredients such as certified organic aloe, but without any synthetic reducing products.

Pampering Carrot Juice Shampoo from Yes to Carrots:

This kind of organic shampoo product is characterized with fresh and light floral smell. The shampoo lathers well when used for washing while it leaves the hair feeling very light. This organic shampoo is contains ingredients from products such as carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkins which serves as antioxidants to help cleanse and to moisturize the hair. Moreover, this shampoo has some dead sea mud, orange, melon and even honey which helps to moisturize and to revitalize their hair.

Burt's Bees Super Shiny Grape fruit and Sugar Beet Shampoo:

They exhibits some sweet grape fruit like smell and has a very well balanced pH and contains decyl glucoisde. When used with some hair conditioner the it leaves the hair feeling fresh and clean, plus it is known to be one of the best clarifying shampoo that is best used to remove the chlorine and any mineral build up in the hair. This is the best organic shampoo that is best used for a dry hair.

Big Body Shampoo from Kiss My face:

This shampoo is renowned to be very essential as a volumizing shampoo and is known to have a complex and a very sweet fruity scent, plus it contains numerous ingredients made from some certified organic ingredients such as the flora water of the rosemary, lemon balm and chamomile which are used to treat the hair. However it contains no animal ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate. These product is known to lather sufficiently to leave your healthy hair feeling full and clean.

The best organic shampoos often contain the highest quality, non toxic ingredients which greatly helps to strengthen and to fortify hair, while minimizing the use of ingredients such as parabens, glycols, sulfates or any other harsh synthetics. Therefore if you have some dry hair, or rather thirsty hair and you require to breathe life and some volume into it. We hope you find these organic and natural hair shampoos to condition and sustain your healthy hair.


Spa Treatments to Help Cure Acne

Spa Treatments to Help Cure AcneAcne is a skin condition involving the oil glands found at the base of the hair follicles. Medically known as acne vulgaris, the skin disease is characterized by blackheads, whiteheads and scaly red skin, scarring and large papules. These lesions occur due androgen stimulation that is caused by to changes in the pilosebaceous units, hair follicle and the sebaceous gland.

Severe cases of acne may require specialized treatment from a dermatologist, but in some cases acne treatments at quality day spas can work too. Most acne cases manifest in non-inflammatory forms. However, the acne scars can be embarrassing leaving your skin to lose its smoothness and evenness. There are a number of proven spa treatments for acne that help in reducing the scarring effectively.

One of the spa treatments of acne is micro-dermabrasions. The procedure involves the use of a rotating brush equipped with diamond tips on the affected skin. The instrument removes the top layer of the skin gently leaving an even-looking and smoother skin layer. The hand-held device helps blow crystals onto your skin. The crystals gently polish your skin surface. The process removes the topmost layer of the skin gently promoting the growth of new and more elastic skin.

Chemical peels have also been reported to show excellent results in treating acne. The chemical peels not only reduce acne scarring but also helps in reducing wrinkles and stretch marks. Spa treatments use glycolic acid to remove the top layer of the skin while at the same time enhancing the growth of new scar-free skin layer. The therapy may in cases lead to redness, peeling and blisters. This however lasts for a short period of time.

Laser therapy is also an effective, yet more exclusive spa treatment for acne. It makes use of light wavelengths to enhance the growth of collagen. In addition, laser therapy stimulates the growth of elastin and production of melanin. Most day spas carry out blue light therapy which involves the application of low-intensity blue light on the skin. The blue light is known to destroy bacteria that are responsible for acne and it further improves the appearance of both acne the resultant scars.

The use of pulsed light and heat in spa treatments is also a recommended remedy for acne. Although considerably expensive, the use of pulsed light and heat improves the look on your skin by making use of alternating low intensities of light and heat. The treatment reduces the oil production on your skin as well as killing harmful bacteria and enhancing the growth of new, smoother and healthier skin layer.

There are day spas that use olive oil in treating acne scars. The oil contains an array of nutrients and antioxidants that are proven to deal with various skin conditions. Such spa treatments involve the application of warm olive oil on the affected skin and used to massage. This enhances the blood circulation and goes a great extent in reducing the acne scarring.

The oil contains vitamins A, D and A that get dissolved in the skin and helps improve the appearance of acne. The oil may also be mixed with vinegar and water making a cream that not only moisturizes your skin but also exfoliates it.

Many of these acne treatments can help restore an individuals overall skin health and senses of well-being. To learn more about day spa treatments for acne, click here to visit the website of Five Senses Spa and Salon.


Tips to Eat Healthy & Mindfully While Traveling

eat healthy while travelingAre you planning a family vacation, or anticipate going on a long-distance business trip?

Maintaining healthy eating habits while traveling can be a challenge. Avoiding unhealthy foods is difficult, but it is not impossible with a strong will and the proper preperation. You must remember to eat healthy and mindfully while travelling to keep your good health while you are enjoying holiday.

In most cases, food is allowed on various forms of transportation. Therefore, you can pack easy to go meals such as vegetable sandwiches that are light to eat and easy to carry and keeps you full. You can also carry healthy snacks such as dried fruits and nuts mix.

Some of the options are shelled pistachios, raisins and almonds. Mix them and keep them in a airtight bag and there you go, you have a healthy snack to munch on when you are hungry. These nuts contain high fiber, they keep you full and are healthy and light too.

You can also carry fruits such as bananas and apples, they are easy to carry and are rich sources of carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals. They provide a lot of energy, which is helpful when you are travelling. If you want some protein and yet the food has to be light then go for a turkey sandwich. Place a low sodium turkey breast between whole grain breast with mustard sauce. If you do not have the time to prepare these things then you can carry healthy food bars that are high on protein and minimal amount of sugar.

Most travelers sit and wait at the airport terminals and bus or train stations. They just buy whatever foods vendors have available. This is not good, one should look around to find more healthier options. Almost all the airport terminals, bus and trains stops have healthy foods selling.

If you are travelling by airplane that is serves meals, then you must call the airlines in advance and check what they serve onboard. Most or the airlines do consider the health needs of the passengers and offer low fat, low sodium, vegan food etc. If they do not offer them then you always have the option of packing your own healthy food.

Apart from just the food, you also need to keep in mind that you stay hydrated while travelling. Humidity can take its toll on you so drink plenty of water and fluids to stay hydrated or you can experience headaches, cramps, fatigue etc. You can carry herbal tea bags such as ginger and chamomile to prevent nausea and stomach upsets. Apart from the food in the airplanes, you also need to be careful about what you eat at your destination place. If you have no idea where to dine then you can use your smart phone apps and find a good local restaurant. You can even ask the locals about the cuisine.

Before you dine at a restaurant, check the menu online in advance. Eat low fat foods such as meat and fish that are steamed, boiled, baked, grilled or poached. If you are a vegan, choose veggies that are steamed over fried ones. If you do not want to eat bland food, you can ask for dressings, cream, cheese etc. Make sure you avoid alcohol, if you cannot completely avoid it, then you can limit yourself to a glass of wine or a light beer.

The last thing you want while travelling is stomach upset or indigestion. Therefore, eat healthy, high-fiber foods and make travelling easy and fun for you and your family.


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