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Top 15 Foods for Optimal Muscle Recovery

top foods for muscle recoveryIf you want to lose fat and build muscle, you need various veggies, proteins, carbs, fruits and healthy fats. Protein does not only help in muscle building, it also enhances fat loss. Eating fats enhances fat loss too. The body reserves fats if you do not take in more fats.

Veggies and fruits contain minerals and vitamins that help in the recovery of workouts. Carbs fuel one’s muscles, making them feel energetic at the gym. Many people struggle to acquire these foods possibly because of being busy or for lack of required information. Here are the top 15 foods for your muscle recovery:

1. Whole eggs - This is a rich and cheap protein source: about 7g per egg. The egg yolk has vitamins A, E and D, half the protein, and cholesterol for natural increase in testosterone amounts. Do not worry about egg cholesterol as dietary cholesterol is not limited to blood cholesterol. Instead, bad cholesterol requires a reduction in body fat.

2. Fish oil - This lower skin and joint inflammation, lowers body fat besides raising testosterone levels. You require 9000mg DHA/EPA per day. Because getting this from a fatty fish may be hard, you should consider the fish oil supplement.

3. Wild caught salmon - It is among the best Omega-3 sources. Omega-3 fatty acids offer you 20g protein/100g serving. However, farm raised salmon has lower levels of omega-3. Therefore, use wild salmon.

4. Berries - These strong antioxidants prevent cancer, eye and heart diseases. Any type of berries works. Go for frozen or fresh ones and blend them with oatmeal.

5. Flax seeds - It is a source of fiber, omega-3 and protein. To benefit from these seeds, grind them. Take one tablespoon with berries and yogurt before sleeping. Avoid flax oil because it has no fiber and is unstable.

6. Extra virgin olive oil - Has 70 percent monosaturated fats, which protect one against heart ailments and cancer. Add one to two tablespoon of olive oil to salads.

7. Broccoli - They contain large amounts of anti-estrogen indoles and cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Broccoli also contains low calorie and large amounts of soluble fiber that aid in fat loss. For a change eat the other cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, kale, and cauliflower.

8. Spinach - It an alkaline food that prevents bone and muscle loss. It also prevents cancer and heart disorders because it is rich in nutrients.

9. Quinoa - It is rich in protein and fiber than oats and rice. It is gluten free and tastes better. Go for the whiter grain, as it has better quality. Take it after workouts with spinach and meat.

10. Oats - They reduce cholesterol and supply you with the low-gi carbs for energy. They are high in soluble fiber.

11. Tomatoes - Are rich in lycopene that prevents cancer. Tomato paste’s lycopene is four times more bioavailable than what fresh tomatoes contain. After strength training, have pasta or pizza with tomato sauce and some olive oil.

12. Apples - They contain pectin what helps in weight loss by raising satiety. Moreover, apples are strong antioxidants. Since pests contaminate most apples, choose organic.

13. Water - the body holds water if you do not drink sufficient. Therefore, drinking it averts water retention, hinders dehydration and aids in muscle recovery.

14. Carrots - They are rich in vitamin A that enhances vision especially at night. They contain high fiber, and low calorie.

15. Green tea - It is a natural diuretic and strong antioxidant. It accelerates fat loss, improves circulation and blood sugar and prevents cancer. Drink it in the morning rather than coffee.

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Best Exercises to Burn Fat & Slim-up

Burn fat exercisesBy undertaking regular exercises, you not only keep fat levels down and keep fit; it helps you keep lifestyle illnesses at bay. When you decide to get into an exercising regime, you need to have some goals. These will motivate you to keep going.

As you achieve one milestone after the other, you get used to the program. The best way to burn fat is by having a combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercises. The latter is aimed at turning fat into fuel for the body through the use of carbohydrates and oxygen. As for the former, carbohydrates are the main target.

Below is a list of exercises that you can use to burn extra fat and attain your ideal slim physique. They are easy to do just about anywhere.

• Jump rope skipping: Remember the stuff you used to do as a kid? If you are a lady, you probably remember skipping on a rope during playtime. As an adult, this is your chance to learn why rope skipping energized you at the time. Buy a skipping rope. Start by skipping on both legs then move to folding one leg and skip with the other. As you progress keep increasing the skipping rate. You will love and enjoy this.

• Squats: This is another simple yet highly effective exercise. You can safely do it at home. With your training kit on, place your hands at the back of your head and spread out the elbows almost parallel to your shoulders. Put your feet slightly apart. Start squatting slowly going as far as you feel the body is allowing you. Stay in that position for a while before standing up and repeating this several times. See whether you can be able to sustain the squat halfway until you feel the strain on your thigh or heel muscles.

• Stairs: You must have come across books, blogs or health shows that encourage people to use stairs instead of taking the lift. This article encourages you to do the same. Apart from walking on these stairs, you can also try running. However, you can only do this if you live in an apartment block. When going to work, this kind of running can make you sweat and spoil your neat office shirt or blouse. All the same, the point here is if you have access to a stairway, you can use it as your training ground. Climb up, down then up again up to four times. Keep increasing the rate as you get used to it.

• Push-ups: Push-ups are good for the hips and torso. You can also combine this with pull-ups. For a push up you need to ensure that you have placed your hands on the ground with the palms open. Spread your feet slightly. The rest of the body between the hands and feet should be aligned like a wooden plank. In this position, start lowering your body. Go down until your hips and chest are almost touching the ground’s surface. Push your body up and repeat the exercise for about 5-10 times.

Want more exercises to help burn fat and slim up? Stay in-tune with the Health n' Wellness blog to learn more.


3 Questions to Ask Your Chiropractor During Your Next Appointment

When most people visit their chiropractor, they often expect instant relief from their pain or physical misalignment. In many situations, finding complete and sustainable relief requires more than just one or two visits to the chiropractor, especially when one is coping with chronic health issues.

Being well prepared for your next chiropractic appointment and asking the right questions is a great way to get the most from your appointment. Answers to the following questions can help you and your chiropractor devise the best form a treatment during the appointment, as well as for the future.

Is My Ailment Treatable with Chiropractic?

After pinpointing your health concerns with your chiropractor, it's important to determine whether or not your ailments are treatable with chiropractic services. Particularly for chronic issues, some injuries and health problems cannot be fixed with spinal manipulation.

As opposed to acute health problems that stem from abrupt accidents or adverse occurrences, chronic pain is typically the result of prolonged behaviors and habits that hinder one's physical functioning. And unlike acute injuries that are treated more effectively with chiropractic, complete recovery from chronic ailments often demand a more comprehensive treatment program.

What Can I Expect During This Visit?

Before your chiropractor begins treatment, ask the professional what he or she plans to do to help remedy your ailment. A chiropractor who is receptive to your health problems will have a unique and adaptive plan of action, as opposed to a generic series of adjustments that he or she performs on everyone.

Listen carefully to your chiropractor's response and don't hesitate to ask follow-up questions like "how will this help treat my ailment?" Knowing the purpose and intention for each adjustment allows you to better understand the role and overall perspective of your chiropractor.

This awareness can help you learn more about your situation and what you can do personally to encourage optimal alignment and physical functioning.

What Can I Do on My Own Time to Help My Issue?

In countless cases, many individuals visit their chiropractor for immediate pain relief, or a quick fix. What many people fail to realize is that their physical ailments are chronic issues that demand a more long-term approach to healing.

Learning techniques to help remedy health issues on your own can offer the best solution. Your chiropractor may be able to teach you certain exercises, stretches, and movements to promote better functioning and alleviate chronic pain. Such exercises can magnify the effects of each chiropractic visit and help facilitate a full recovery.

Some chiropractors will offer additional insights that reflect other forms of holistic medicine. For instance, it's not uncommon for some chiropractors to educate their patients about certain pressure points in the hands or feet that help to release tension in select areas of the body (based on acupuncture techniques.)

The next time your visit your Berkeley chiropractor, come prepared with questions to learn the most about your ailments and how to go about treating them. Remember that you are your best doctor. The more you understand what’s going on in your body, the greater potential you’ll have to reverse negative behaviors and promote healing.

About the Author

Dr. Adam Rechtman has been practicing chiropractic care in Atlanta since 1997. He specializes in chiropractic care for sports, back pain, and headaches. To learn more about Dr. Rechtman or his practice World Wide Wellness, connect with him on Google+.


Tips to Keep Nails Healthy With Gel Manicures

Gel manicures are popular among women because they keep nails strong and long-lasting. However under the surface, gel manicures can actually cause nails to weaken, causing brittleness, thinning, peeling and cracking. Nail Salon

A recently unveiled report by the New York University School of Medicine shows some health risks associated with gel manicures. Although the report highlights the latter issues of making nails brittle and weak, it also offers tips to keep nails healthy when getting a gel manicure.

Dr. Chris Adigun, an assistant professor of dermatology at the New York University School of Medicine, touches on the issue:

"As is the case with most things, moderation is the key when it comes to gel manicures. If you get them regularly, you need to be aware of the possible consequences and see a board-certified dermatologist if a persistent nail problem develops."

The root issue is that nails that are continually covered with nail polish can hide any health problems present under the nail. As a result, diagnosis and treatment of potential health risks can be delayed.

It's not for certain whether nail brittleness induced by gel manicures stems from the chemicals in the gel polish itself, or by the acetone needed to remove the nail polish. Dr. Adigun claims that acetone dries nails and irritates the skin around the nail. She also provides some tips to help sustain the health of nails with gel manicures:

  • Wear sunscreen on your hands when getting a gel manicures to decrease the potential of damage caused UV light exposure during the curing process.
  • To avoid brittleness, thinning and peeling, rehydrate your nails multiple times per day with a moisturizer like petroleum jelly.
  • Be conscious of your nail's health and allow time for them to re-grow and repair. Consider getting gel manicures only occasionally to minimize health risks.
  • If you have recurring nail issues, or an allergy to acetone, use traditional nail polish instead of gel nail polish.
  • Avoid using tools to scrape and chip away at nails when removing polish.
  • When removing nail polish with acetone, only soak the nails, not the whole fingers or hand

There's a lot talk going around about the health risks of gel manicures. Regardless of the validity of some of these health concerns, apply some of the tips and take the necessary precautions to minimize exposure to these risks.

This article was contributed by the advocates at Five Senses Spa and Salon, one of the leading hair and nail salons in Peoria, IL. Five Senses was also ranked one of top 200 hair salons in the nation. 


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