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Best Fat Burning Foods for Weight Loss

Losing weight is a major challenge for most people. The intimidation of a weight loss plan is often exacerbated by confusing statistics and information. Many people are hitting the gym under pressure only to exhaust themselves within no time and fall back to their plump selves. As they say, the forbidden fruit is always sweet and hence, the foods you crave most cause this trauma. If you eat right, you can cut on excess fat and be on your way to retaining your slim and trim figure. In this Health n' Wellness post, we dive into some of the best fat burning foods include to include in your weight loss diet plan.

Almonds and Nuts with Skin Intact

Although nuts contain high levels of fat, in moderation they can help to fend off food craving and make you feel full. As such, you do not end up gorging yourself with other types of food. These nuts also help to build muscle, which is what people crave for when trying to lose weight. A person trying to lose weight can kill for a toned body but a diet of nuts everyday will help you achieve this feat easily.

Whey Proteins

This is a mixture of globular proteins found in milk. The product contains nutrients such as Glycomacropeptide, immunoglobins, and lactoferrin, which help in breaking down fat. In addition, you get amino acids such as tryptophan, which are essential in breaking down fat while at the same time building body muscle. This double-pronged function ensures that as you burn fat, muscles are toned. Moreover, proteins are essential in repairing torn muscle and tissue thus helping regain an ideal body.

Whole Grains

Such whole grains for weight loss include oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, and other non-white grains. These fat burning foods are perfect because the body uses a lot of calories while burning them down. They are rich in fiber and hence your body has to expend more energy in metabolism, which effectively ensures you continue losing extra fat.

Beans and Legumes

These have been hailed for a long time due to their low calorie content and high fiber content. In essence, beans and legumes help to regulate digestion through presence of fiber and as the body struggles to burn more fibers, you lose more calories. They are the ideal replacement for meat because they still have proteins present in meat.

Lean Meats

This is a type of food high in proteins. Over the last few years, shift is being refocused on proteins due to their high thermo genic effect. During intake, your body burns around 30% of calories and this is ideal for your weight loss. As such, look for lean meat such as turkey or choose fish like salmon, tuna, and tilapia to cut down on saturated fat. Other ideal fat burning foods include chili peppers, spinach and vegetables, eggs, berries among others. They call for discipline and dedication to dieting if at all the desired effects are to be achieved. Do you have any other top fat burning foods for weight loss that you would like to add? Let us know in the comments section below.


The Effects of Exercise on Recovering Breast Cancer Patients

For many years, women with breast cancer have generally been advised to rest after surgery or other treatment. This was to give the body a chance to heal without having to deal with the stresses of exercise. However new studies have suggested that in fact exercise is not only harmless, but can actually be incredibly beneficial to patients.

A steady level of exercise can help to reduce fatigue, promote circulation, and improve the general health of women after cancer treatments. It has even been noted that exercise can help to improve emotional distress as women engaging in more exercise than before their treatment have reported much lower levels of depression than women who have rested more.

Maximize Energy, Minimize Depression

One study from the University of Miami has found that when regular exercise is combined with behavioral therapy to reduce anxiety and stress, the result is much lower levels of depression and can actually improve energy levels.

Although not the first study to show the benefits of exercise to cancer patients, this study is unique in discovering the relationship between exercise and the true effectiveness of other therapies. The new study suggests that even a moderate amount of exercise, such as a long walk or Yoga practice, can significantly increase the benefits of stress reduction therapy.

More About the Study

The University of Miami study followed the progress of 240 women with breast cancer after they had surgery. The first half of the group of women was given intensive group behavioral therapy while the other half were given very little support in the form of therapy.

Women from the first group who had exercised more frequently between the surgery and the therapy were noted to have a considerably better response to the therapy than those who exercised very little. It was also noted that the same effect occurred in the women of the second group but to a lesser extent.

All of the women who increased their exercise levels were shown to suffer from less depression and had more energy overall. This research seems to suggest that exercise can make a difference to the emotional well-being of women facing breast cancer, as well as improving their energy levels and bodily functioning. When combined with therapy, the affects of exercise can make a big difference in recovering from cancer.

*Information on studies sourced from:


FDA Releases New Guidelines to Limit The Use of Antibiotics On Livestock

FDA is seeking to minimize the overuse of antibiotics on animals by limiting their use to treating sick animals. The recent request by the FDA to voluntarily limit the use of antibiotics is driven by concerns that harmful bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant to the traditional medicines and treatments.

This is not the first time the FDA is making such a move. In 1977, Congress opposed the regulator's attempts to restrict the use of antibiotics. Since then, medical practitioners, activists and consumer groups have been advocating for restrictions on the use of the antibiotics. Two years ago, the agency denounced the practice and said it was not in the interest of protecting public health.

Risks of Antibiotics in Animal Feed

Adding antibiotics to animal feed and water has been a routine practice since the 1960s. Low doses of antibiotics administered over a long period helps to protect animals from getting sick and accelerates their growth. With the prolonged use of antibiotics, harmful bacteria eventually mutate and become resistant to the treatments, necessitating use of stronger drugs to kill them. This puts consumers of the animal products at risk of potentially dangerous infections when the superbugs are passed to them.

The new guidelines recommend using the antibiotics only on ill animals and under the supervision of a veterinarian. The FDA is urging pharmaceutical companies to stop promoting the commonly used antibiotics such as penicillin and tetracycline as growth promoters in animals. It argues that a voluntary approach is more effective and will yield faster results. It expects to effect the changes fully within three years.

The shift from using food products from animal treated with antibiotics is already in force in the European Union. Some leading fast food chains who do not accept meat products from animals fed with antibiotics. However, advocacy and consumer groups are skeptical, saying that the voluntary approach has proven ineffective in the past. They want the FDA to make restricted use of antibiotics mandatory.

What do you think? Is this a good move by the FDA, or weak attempt to show concern for our nation's health and wellness?


Cross Training for Endurance Athletes

When it comes to becoming the best athlete that you can be, it is crucial that you focus on more than just your normal exercises. Most endurance sports like running or swimming require an ideal combination of stamina and strength. This is why it is crucial that you focus on cross training and exploit other sources of exercise to help you improve your abilities.

There are some forms of cross training that offer endurance athletes amazing cardio and strength workouts, and are apart from their more focal form of exercise. Below are some ideas for cross training that you can consider when you are looking to change things up a bit.


These are suspension straps that are made for body weight workouts and they are certainly made for any type of athlete out there. TRX, however, will not just have you fighting your body weight but also gravity. This is the added resistance that you will be using to help you get stronger.

When it comes to endurance training, it is important that you are able to control your body for a long period of time. TRX training is something that any athlete can benefit from and it is certainly a a cross training technique that you can try. TRX targets functional strength for performance, and offers a wide range of options to get enhance your endurance sport of choice.


Yoga is something that you can do to help you relax and get your body back into alignment. With intense training of your particular sport, yoga can help to relax your mind and body. However, you cannot expect yoga to be a walk in the park as people will be surprised at how tough it can be. Getting your body in some of the more technical poses can is not only a strength and balance workout, but also a cardio workout as well.


CrossFit is the ultimate cross training program that you should really consider. This is the hybrid between endurance and strength and it is slowly becoming the main form of exercise for athletes that want to gain muscle and more endurance. Athletes who try CrossFit will admit that it is the best form exercise that should be done by any athlete. It has been called the "perfect exercise" because every type of athlete will benefit from it. IN addition, each CrossFit "workout of the day" is different, offering greater flexibility.

When it comes to becoming the best athlete possible, you will need to learn how to get out of your comfort zone and to try new things. These are only some of the better options out there but you do not need to limit yourself to just these. Cross training is a great way to improve in your particular sport and to also improve your overall health. With the help of cross training, you will see that you can get so much better without having to always practice your own sport.

What types of cross training do you advocate? Share your ideas in the comments section below.




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