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What Are Low Energy Levels And How To Diagnose Them

Nowadays, one can hear every other person complaining about increased tiredness and fatigue. The most common phrase used to describe the situation is that “I am low in energy”. With the passage of the day, once start feeling sluggish and loses concentration about his or her work and again the situation is associated with “low energy.” As a fact of matter, very few people know what actually energy is and what energy levels are high and low and how to maintain them throughout the day.

What are Low Energy Levels?

The low energy levels have become so common in modern busy world that now they are considered as everyday routines. But there are people who long to find out methods to increase their strength and endurance to pass the day effectively and efficiently. In this regard, they wonder if things like natural energy supplements or vitamin supplements can really help them or not. If you are filled with energy, it is natural that you will be more happy and positive doing everything enthusiastically. On the other hand, shortage of energy will make things daunting for you making life difficult in general.

Reasons of Low Energy Levels:

Many reasons contribute to the decline of energy as the day passes by and almost all of them are the gifts of modern world. These contributing factors of fatigue usually come in the shape of:

  • Poor diet
  • Excessive toxins
  • Pollutants in the environment
  • Unbalanced life style
  • Lack of exercise
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • A medical condition that must be addressed

How to Diagnose Low Energy Levels:

If you have now regularly been suffering from fatigue and tiredness, you need to reevaluate yourself and look for the following things,

  • Are you taking regular exercise at least for 30 minutes thrice a week
  • Are you taking your caffeine intake to minimum
  • Are you drinking plenty of water daily
  • Are you eating abundance of vegetables and fruits
  • Is your alcohol intake is not more than 1 drink per night
  • Is your diet in rich in iron
  • Is your diet rich in all important nutrient like proteins, carbohydrates and fibers
  • Is your diet rich in all important minerals like chromium and calcium 
  • Do you take at least 3 meals and 2 small snacks a day
  • Do you spend some time on rest and leisure
  • Are you taking at least 6-8 hours of sleep daily
  • Are you stress levels managed properly and under control
  • Are you emotionally satisfied and not in any sort of conflict

If you feel that question to any of these question is yes, then try to adjust your lifestyle accordingly and you will definitely feel a change in your life. However, if you feel that you are doing everything right and are still struggling with low energy levels, rush to a doctor immediately. You might need a more serious help than just going for natural energy supplements because reasons could be more drastic and long lasting like depression and hormonal imbalance.


Concluding, it can be said that if you are low in energy, your life may suffer heavily from the situation. Therefore it is better to resolve the issue as soon as possible to avoid subsequent consequences.

About the Author Angelika Johnston is an online content writer and writes on topics like natural energy supplements, bodybuilding techniques and fitness tips.


First Aid Tips for Broken Bones

First Aid Broken BoneBroken bones and fractures are injuries requiring immediate medical attention. They are dangerous enough as it is because of the nature of the fractures themselves, but they are often accompanied by other symptoms depending on how severe the injury is. This is a simple first aid list of what you can do to ease the pain of whoever is suffering, whether its you or someone else until help arrives.

1. The first thing you need to keep in mind is the severity of the situation. In case you are dealing with injuries on someone else pay attention to the following symptoms that may give insight. Regardless of the symptoms it would be wise to call for emergency help if you're dealing with anything larger than a minor fracture like a broken finger.

• Victim is unconscious with no heartbeat or not breathing. You will need to check the throat and nasal passages for any visible obstructions and then give CPR.

• If the victim is pale, confused, breathing in shallow breaths and covered in cold sweat it is a clear symptom of shock.

• Injuries to the head, neck, pelvis, back, hips or the upper legs.

• Severe bleeding.

• The extremities of the injured limb is blue or numb at the tip. This indicates the blood flow is obstructed in some way which may lead to further damage.

• Any movement or light pressure causes extreme pain.

• The limb is deformed in an unnatural position.

2. In any case you need to stop the bleeding right away if that is possible. Use a clean and if possible sterile material with enough absorbency to apply gentle pressure to the wound. Avoid touching the broken point as this will cause great pain. If there is an object penetrating the wound or a bone sticking out do not remove or touch it as it may be clotting the wound. Touching it may open it, leading to further blood loss.

3. Immobilize the broken limb to the best of your abilities but avoid moving it to its original position unless the circulation of blood is cut off in some way.

• Never move a person with hip or pelvis fractures. If you absolutely have to move them and their life is in danger you need to tie their legs together with a blanket between them or something similar, then place them very gently on a large board for mobility.

• You can splint an broken bone by tying it to a strong, straight object such as a stick or a board. Use whatever soft padding you can find to make it more comfortable and fasten it in any way you can. Avoid placing anything directly over the fracture as this will be unbearable. If the limb is a broken leg you must secure the leg to a flat and strong object underneath, such as a board. If you're dealing with a broken finger you can gently tie it up to the neighboring fingers with a bit of padding in between.

• If you're dealing with a broken arm you should tie it to the body at heart level if possible. Anything can work from a shirt to a rope or a belt.

• Remove any watches, bracelets, rings and the like from a broken finger or wrist. The extremity will swell and they will be literally impossible to move after that.

• Check for proper blood circulation by pressing your fingers somewhere after the breaking point. If the skin doesn't return its usual color within about two seconds you may have a problem.

• Use ice to reduce swelling. Do not apply it directly to the skin as you will cause frostbite. Use a piece of clothing and place the ice in a plastic bag if possible to contain it.

• Give the person painkillers to alleviate the pain and cover them with a blanket if the injuries allow it. Elevate their feet if that is possible at about 12 inches above their head. This will help them deal with the shock of what happened.

Article written for Eco Friendly Removals


5 Rules to Make You a Successful Runner

Successful RunnerCongratulations if you’re reading this because that means you’ve made it past the New Year’s resolution phase. Most people who put on their trainers and turned up their iPod on January 1st have long given up. Generally speaking however, running has never been more popular; it attracts people looking to lose a bit of weight or who just to improve their general fitness. But recently I’ve started to notice that people are going about their running regime in completely the wrong way. So without further ado let’s get cracking on five rules to make running a success for you.

Good Equipment

Running is just like any other activity, you need the correct equipment to do it safely; you wouldn’t go scuba diving without oxygen would you? The most important piece of equipment for any runner is undoubtedly a good pair of running shoes. Just running in standard sports shoes will put your feet and legs under too much strain which can lead to shin splints (learnt that the hard way) and other conditions.

Unfortunately a good pair of running shoes will set you back quite a lot of money but think of it as a long term investment. The more you run the more use you get out of them, if that’s not an incentive to carry on running I don’t know what is. Be sure to do your research before purchasing anything, use customer reviews and ask shop assistants to get a good idea of what will work for you.

Get Organised

It is so important to keep your running regime organised so you can maximise the positive effects of exercise. I find it helps to write up a schedule to keep track of when I’m meant to go running so I don’t make any excuses. I’d also recommend recording the distance you went, the time it took and any other pieces of information you think will be useful. That way you know what your targets are and you can chart your progress from a measly 500metres on day 1 to 10km a few months down the line.

If you can’t be bothered to spend five minutes drawing a chart on an old fashioned piece of paper then use your smartphone. There are loads of apps that automatically keep track of your progress without any hassle or effort.

Fuel Up

It’s incredibly important for people about to undertake any form of exercise to ensure that their body has fuel to burn. The say same is true of running, if you don’t eat a nutritious meal around 45 minutes before you start you’ll find you can’t push yourself further and faster because there is nothing left in the tank. Obviously you shouldn’t eat too near to running because this can result in you sitting on the side of the road/treadmill throwing up.

In terms of food types I’d suggest complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, wholegrain pasta and oats all count. They provide your body with a sustained level of energy throughout exercise; the recipes are numerous when you include rice and pasta but I’d avoid throwing in anything excessively fatty or sweet.

Run Alone

This might make me sound very antisocial but I believe it is an essential for people to run alone in order to get the most out of it. There a few reasons for this; firstly it takes awawy the temptation to talk whilst running which obviously screws up your breathing. Secondly you may end being forced to rely on someone else to motivate you to run or it may go the other way and you may find your running partner is always late/making excuses. Lastly, it can make you push yourself too hard (that is actually a thing) or not push yourself hard enough because your partner has to stop every 5 minutes because they’re so unfit. At the end of the day it’s your decision but make sure you’re aware of the potential problems running with someone can cause.

Get a Soundtrack

Now for a slightly light hearted tip; I’ve found music gives me that little bit of encouragement to push myself further than I otherwise would. So before embarking on your Chariots of Fireesque run load up your iPod with power songs to push you harder.

You can’t go wrong with the classic Eye of the Tiger but don’t be embarrassed to listen to rubbish songs. As long as it has a good beat it doesn’t matter, plus who can hear it anyway?

Disclaimer: I’m not a qualified medical or sports professional in anyway; this article is entirely based on my opinion and experience. If you have any concerns please seek advice from your doctor.

About the Author Josh writes for XXPress PCR an innovative biotechnology firm based in the UK. XXPress specialises in pcr machines and have pioneered pcr technology.


10 Best Superfoods for Brain Health

Superfoods Brain HealthI’ve always praised the benefits of including superfoods in your diet. They are perfect for boosting your metabolism, can help you gain muscle fast and drop body fat as well.

But superfoods have many more benefits than just improving your metabolism and physique.

Many people overlook the importance of superfoods when it comes to brain health.

Superfoods can improve cognitive function, neurological focus and even your mood. Superfoods can also help you lower your stress levels and deal with life’s everyday demands.

So I’ve decided to write this article on the best superfoods to improve your brain health. Here are 10 foods that can help you do so:

The 10 Best Superfoods For Brain Health

1. Salmon - Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acids and these healthy fats can have a significant impact on the health of your brain. Salmon can help you concentrate and stay alert; something that I’m sure we all wish we could do on a regular basis.

2. Blueberries - Blueberries are simply a fantastic food to include in your diet. They contain antioxidants which can help to strengthen connections between brain cells and improve your overall mental thinking. Some recent research done on blueberries indicates that they can help infants early on in life by helping them build stronger neuron connections as well.

3. Dark Chocolate - Dark chocolate is packed with antioxidants and contains many natural stimulants such as caffeine, which as we all know can help keep you alert and awake at all hours of the day.

4. Broccoli - Broccoli contains many brain protecting compounds and is also high in vitamin C, which has been proven to improve cognitive function.

5. Seeds - Things like pumpkin seeds, grape seeds and nutiva organic chia seeds contain many vitamins and minerals that can improve your ability to focus. Some of these include magnesium and zinc.

6. Whole Grains - The fiber in whole grains not only help you stay full and lose weight fast, but whole grains but the Vitamin B content in whole grains has been shown to make you more alert.

7. Avocado - Not only is avocado absolutely delicious, but eating avocado on a regular basis can help support a healthy brain, due to the vitamin E content in the food and the healthy fats it contains. Including more healthy fats in your diet can definitely improve brain function and there was actually a study done on pilots about this topic. The more fat the pilots ate, the better their ability to fly a plane and the less fat they ate, the more their performance in the air suffered. It’s amazing how much of a difference one macronutrient can make. Eat fat!

8. Green Tea - Just like dark chocolate, green tea is high in antioxidants and caffeine which can lower your stress levels, improve your mood and keep you focused and alert at all hours of the day.

9. Nuts - Rather your goal is to lose weight or to improve your brain health, nuts are a fantastic snack to help you do so. The high fat content, protein and vitamins can help keep you on top of your game.

10. Water - Yeah, I know this isn’t a food, but research indicates that the more hydrated you are, the better you will score on tests. So always drink enough water, especially on that big exam day! I drink about a gallon of water per day.

About the Author My name is Drew and I have been a fitness coach for the past 12 years, helping my clients pack on muscle and lose fat. My life revolves around fitness and I absolutely love what I do! I will continue to help people achieve their fitness goals for the rest of my life. Follow me on Google+.


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